Youtube Brings First Pop-Up Space to Delhi-NCR

The most popular video streaming site has brought the Pop-Up Space to Delhi-NCR this term. Youtube launched its first Indian Pop-Space last year in Hyderabad. The Pop-Up Space is situated at Kingdom of Dreams. It will host three sets from October 5 to 7 and all of them will be themed differently.

YouTube is eyeing to utilize the opportunity to its best with quality content. It will give creators free access to ultra-modern production equipment and themed sets to come up with innovative, original, and high-quality content. Investing in the production quality of the channels, YouTube is ultimately investing its own content quality.


Budding creators who always eye to grab any opportunity will be able to join workshops and attend important events to improve their online presence on YouTube. They can then even collaborate or connect industry professionals and other creators.

Head of YouTube Creator and Artists Development, APAC, Marc Lefkowitz said in a statement that “It’s an incredibly exciting and inspiring time to be in India, especially for video content. Over 245 million unique users are coming to YouTube in India every month, and they continue to love and engage with the content that creators are putting out.”

“In 2014, we had 16 YouTube channels with more than one million subscribers in India and today that number is over 300. We’re adding two more channels to the list almost every single week, which is an astounding rate of growth. We continue to invest heavily in growing and nurturing the creator community and are thrilled to bring the YouTube Pop-Up Space to the capital,” Marc added.

Along with that, YouTube also launched first ever NEXTUp Creator Camp to give opportunities to the creators. The production experts will help them learn perfection of using everything from a camera, to lightning, sound, and most importantly writing skills.

What is Pop-Up YouTube Space

Youtube Brings First Pop-Up Space to Delhi-NCR

YouTube Pop-Up Space is a programme started by the company that supports the growing community of YouTubers around the globe and help them get better by offering production value to their content for free. The company has hosted many pop-up YouTube Space camps globally but it will be YouTube’s second pop-up Space in the country. Last year, the company held it in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad on the same dates from Oct 5 to 7. The pop-up ended up empowering emerging breed of enthusiastic young YouTubers who make content in local language. The stats speak for itself and YouTube has been successful with its “Learn”, “Connect” and “Create” model of pop-up space.