YNAB Personal Finance Apps of 2018


Trying to make sense of the acronym? Trust us its more than just an acronym is the bare minimum but extremely hard truth of life – You Need A Budget. Go back and recheck it.

Everything You Should Know About YNAB

YNAB or You Need A Budget is the perfect application for you to use your pay-check in the most profitable manner. As you must’ve referred from its name this application doesn’t beat around the bush and goes neat and straight to the point. It shows you four basic rules for budgeting and makes it extremely easy for you to follow these four rules which you most probably already know but are failing to follow yourself.


  1. Give every dollar a job – make sure you allot every dollar of your salary to some specific purpose (saving counts too). Tell your money where to go. You discipline your money.
  2. Give every dollar a job – Monthly bills ? Nah those aren’t your major concern. The irregular annual ones? Yeah those need your budgeting and focus.
  3.  Roll with the punches – This one we’re sure everyone follows – Unbudgeted spending. YNAB allows you to be nimble and easily move money from a budgeted category to cover unbudgeted spending and stay out of the red.
  4.  Age your money – This rule in simple words means try to use your previous pay check rather than the present one. Sounds weird? Use the app to simplify it.  

This application comes with a plethora of user friendly features including the most important 34 day free trial period. It’s easy to use interface lets you choose either direct import transactions from your bank or the option of manually entering them. Both ways the input of money is tagged as “to be budgeted” and you can then allocate it to different purposes. This amount the gets deducted as and when you download or add transactions.  YNAB also highlights your over budgeting in red and includes customizable reports that break down you income and expenses by category, account, and time frame.

When it comes to compatible platforms we hate to break it to you but you’re pretty much out of excuses here. If you have a smartphone with 5.0 up in Android and 10.0 up in iOS you are definitely eligible to download this application. We will make your task even easier by providing you links to the app store as well as Google Playstore below. Now all you have to do is tap your way to budgeting.


Like most other budgeting applications this application too doesn’t have a restricted age group. The only obvious necessity to using this application is having an income however big or small it is.


With a consistent 4.1 rating on App store as well as Playstore this application is a “must have” application recommended by many users. Micheal Anselado on PCWorld reviews the application by saying “The mechanics of YNABs interface really creates the sense that you’re controlling your money rather than just tracking it as it flows in and out of your accounts. In that, it goes beyond just a mere budgeting tool and actually helps improve your money habits. Whether you’re pulling down a steady paycheck or paid on an irregular timetable, YNAB will help you make the most of every dollar.

Another extremely satisfied user mentions “Wow. I used ynab about 3 years ago and stopped for whatever reason. Now I’m back at it because you know I NEED A BUDGET (So do you) and I just wanted to say that they have improved the app so much since then. It’s a pleasure to use. Really makes it easy. Very powerful and complicated procedures but the app makes it easy and obvious. Well done development team! You’ve come a long way. So much capability packed into a great interface!”

There you have it the solution to a rich and well budgeted future right in front of your nose. What’s stopping you now? Budget away.