The China-based mobile making company has recently unveiled its recent flagship hybrid headphones in its home market. This brand new headphones are known as Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphones. The headphones have been designed so perfectly through which they can operate on wireless as well as wired photo modes. This will help in allowing users to provide more flexibility. Not only this but also it is featured with four drivers for more enhanced sound as well as quality.

Not only this but also the sound chambers which are located on the headphones are made of a material which is known as Zirconia. Now, what we Zirconia? Zirconia is basically a white, powdered metal oxide which is mostly used in common dental crown. This material is made out of zirconium. Let us put it this way, Zirconia is featured with various properties among which its main properties are its high hardness, resistance to wear, no chemical corrosion, resistance to oxidation as well as translucent appearance when sintered.

On the other hand, the cables of the headphones are made out of a material which is kind of silver-plated oxygen-free copper. As per the brand, these headphones will be known as the flagship product. Having said that the pre-order for this newly launched Hybrid Flagship headphones have already started in the Chinese market. The price of the headphones is CNY 999 which is roughly approx Rs 10,000. The users can be able to pre-order it on and the sale will start from November 11. Having said that the headphones are available in just a single colour option.

Features of the Mi HiFi Flagship Headphones

The Flagship headphones from Xiaomi is featured with two balanced armature units which will help in offering the better audio. Apart from this, there is a thin silicone layer which will help in producing bass. There is also a titanium composite just beneath the diaphragm for treble. The headphone comes with a giant USP which is of the hybrid nature and they are specifically designed by the brand for working wired as well as wirelessly with the use of a Bluetooth DAC amplifier. This Bluetooth DAC Amplifier helps in supporting Hi-Res SBC, AAC as well as LDAC. Additionally, the USB Type C cable and the 3.5mm audio jack cable along with the DAC chip are provided inside the box. These Mi HiFi Hybrid Flagship headphones are featured with the updated MMCX connectors which are thickly coated and can provides an output which is four times better than standard connectors. The MMCX connectors which we have mentioned above are designed beautifully and the material is gold plated. The brand claimed that they can be instantly replaced if in case it gets damaged. Now coming to additional products which the users will be getting with the earphones. It is featured with a short and long 3.5 mm cable, a Bluetooth adapter, a USB Type C audio connector cable, two pairs of memory sponge ear tips, four pairs of silicone ear tips, a USB Type C charging cable, a headphone case as well as a pair of ear hooks.

The most immediately as well as the impressive thing about these headphones of Xiaomi is their builds. One thing you need to understand that matter less when this headphone is jammed in the head. Having said that, the smooth metallic finish. Apart from being a metallic finish, these are extremely lightweight and their angled ear tips are very soft as well as nice. The brand has taken sometime keeping in mind the comfortability of the users. Beyond that, the cable has shown no signs of the wearables after various months of usage and it has also fitted along with a mic as well as three-button remote. These earpieces isolate plenty of noise as you would expect from an in era canal pair and they do not leak any of their own unless you are playing at maximum in a silent room.

The sound quality is outstanding which is needs to be as per the price point of view. In short, it offers detailed as well as crisp content. The fun part of this earphone is that the users will be getting electronic, poppier rock as well as hip hop output which is amazing. The tighter fitting Xiaomi flagship HiFi headphones sound much more aggressive along with deeper bass response, a wider soundstage as well as more space to capture fine detail. That bass will certainly be boomier along with the more subdued tracks. Having said that if the users fit in in the same genre, they will probably be enjoying how hard-hitting the whole thing is. There are no such reports about the launch of the Xiaomi Flagship HiFi headphones in India yet so far. However, we will be updating you as soon as we come to know any such things related to it.