Xiaomi’s new future flagship smartphone will be featured with 108MP camera. As per Manu Kumar Jain, the MD of Xiaomi India has recently made an announcement about the 100MP camera smartphone as it featured the new 64MP camera technology. But the brand has not yet made any confirmation about this upcoming camera phone.

As per the Tweet of Manu Kumar Jain, the upcoming phone of Xiaomi will be offering photos of the quality 12,032 * 9,024 of resolution. As per the brand, it claimed that this amount of high-quality resolution camera sensor will result in HD clear photos. Apart from this, many reports have also claimed that 100MP sensors camera will be coming up with up to 10X optical zoom. Not only this but also Qualcomm has confirmed that it is going to support high-resolution sensors which includes one with 64MP and another with 100MP resolution.

A few days ago Redmi has promised to come with a special announcement and it stayed true to its promise. The Chinese based brand finally released a teaser. The teaser was basically for itsMP camera smartphone. Many tech experts are making predictions that this upcoming model from Redmi would beat various other brands such as Samsung as well as Realme. Both of these brands are going to launch the world’s first 64MP camera phone. The brand also released a camera sample from the 64MP camera smartphone. They have released it on its official Weibo account a few days back. However, the original sample photo from the phone is not yet released. In the teaser, it was shown that a photo was zoomed to show a detailed as well as a crisp picture around the eye. Apart from that nothing extra was shown in the picture.

Deciding to release a 100MP camera smartphone can be a big move by Redmi which recently split off with its parent Xiaomi. Having said that both Samsung, as well as Realme, has decided of working on 64MP camera smartphones but as per the reports they might be launched later this year. Not only this but also Madhav Sheth who is the CEO of Realme India has already shared a few samples in the month of June where they have provided the glimpses of the detailed photos from its 64MP camera phone. But as per the teaser released by Redmi, it seems like Redmi is going to beat both Samsung and Realme in the 100MP smartphone this time.

Talking about the 64MP smartphone, there were rumours all around the internet since the beginning of June. The rumours were all about the 64MP UltraPixel mode as well as 64MP dual cameras which will be just inside the camera app. So through this, it was quite clear that the China-based brand was working on the 64MP camera model. Like Realme phone, Remi is also going to use Samsung’s recently launched 64MP ISOCELL Bright GM1 sensor. We hope it is also going to use the same sensor in the 100MP camera phone.

The ISOCELL Bright GM1 is basically a 64MP sensor which will be offering highest resolution so far for any smartphone camera sensor. Whereas Samsung also introduced the new ISOCELL Bright GM2 48MP sensor which is basically the successor of ISOCELL Bright GM1 48 MP sensor. The sensor will come up with ISOCELL Plus technology which helps in reducing light leakages as well as Tetracell technology which basically uses four pixels which will help in clicking high-quality photos even in the low light environments.

Redmi is expected to come up with loads of responsibilities under the supervision of the new head Lu Weibing. The Redmi K20 Pro, as well as Redmi Note 7 of the brand, received a huge response in its home market China as well as internationally. The main credits go to the quality hardware at a quite cheaper price tag. As promised both the 64MP as well as the 100MP camera phone is going to be revealed soon and the brand is now extremely busy in the few weeks.

Most of the Redmi fans are surprised by seeing this move by Redmi for a 100MP mobile imaging sensor. A few months ago, Judd Heape, the senior director of Qualcomm, said: “By the end of the year, we should see something over 100MP from a couple of sensor manufacturers.” The main context of the conference was the Snapdragon Spectra image signal processor (ISP) which is a tiny part present inside the processors of the phone which is capable of handling both cameras as well as imaging abilities of the smartphone.

Both the 64MP as well as the 100MP camera phones are going to be released this year. The upcoming camera is really going to be very interesting. Having said that it will likely not be a path breaker in terms of camera innovation.