Xiaomi has worked hard to make a strong presence in the TV market. Not only this but the brand is also known to be number in the smart TV category in its home market. Currently, the brand is all set to come up with MI TV 5 in its home market which is to be launched on November 5. Apart from this, the brand will also be launching 5 more products. Just a few days ahead of its launch, it has been revealing a few things about the upcoming smart TV. Currently, the brand has revealed its design. First thing first, in the launch event, the brand will be promoting Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro smartphone. This is the first-ever smartphone which is to be featured with 108 MP camera. On the same day, it will be launching Mi TV 5. Earlier Xiaomi has launched various smart TVs under the Mi TV 4 series for about two years. Finally, the brand is up with Mi TV 5 series which will be featuring with some serious upgrades. And you can understand it if you compare it with its predecessors. Apart from this, some leaked reports also suggest that on the same launch event Xiaomi will be launching a new Mi Air Purifier Max Enhanced Edition, Mi Watch as well as Mi Power Bank 3.

As we have mentioned above, the brand has revealed some details related to Mi TV 5 series which is to be replacing Mi TV 4 series. The TV which is to be unveiled in China is going to be the most affordable QLED TVs in the market after it arrives. Previously the Mi TV lineup from Xiaomi has been very successful specifically in India and in this country the company holds the majority of the market share. The main reason behind this is the high pricing for the high resolution as well as high panels which the competition could not match. This particular TV series from Mi will be continuing the trend in which it will be switching to QLED panels. QLED panels consist of quantum dot colour filters in the front side of the LCD backlight which helps in bringing the high-quality brightness as well as white rendition if you compare it to OLED panels. Most of the high-end TVs from One Plus as well as Samsung use the QLED panels.

Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Series

The brand is teasing the Mi TV5 series in its home market for creating the hype for its launch on November 5. The QLED panels will be similar to the One Plus TVs which are One Plus Q1 as well as the One Plus Q1 Pro. Currently, the smart TVs of One Plus are available in the Indian market. Having said that we can expect the availability of Mi TV 5 series in the Indian market 2 months prior to its launch. However, there is no such news about how many models the brand will be launching in the Mi TV 5 Series. But some leaked reports suggest that the brand could launch 3 models under this series.  The brand also claims that the Mi TV 5 will be the slimmest Smart TV till date which will be beating the Mi TV 4 that is its predecessors. As per the display is concerned, the brand has stated that Mi TV 5 Series will make the use of the Quantum Dot panel of Samsung which will be offering 108% NTSC wide colour gamut. So we can expect a lot from this upgraded series. Moreover, the TV from Mi will be delivering advanced viewing experience as compared to the Mi TV 4. Apart from this, the company has also confirmed that the TV will be coming with a more comprehensive full-screen design. The bezel which will be surrounding all around the screen panel will be 50% narrower as compared to the Mi TV 4 which measures only 1.8mm. It will be featured with the metallic body which will be coming with an integrated bending frame as well as backplate without any sorts of screws. Reports suggest that the body thickness of the TV will be just 5.9mm. Back in August, the brand has shared the specifications of the Mi TV 5. The brand revealed that the TV will be powered by a 12nm T972 chipset along with the support for 8K video recording. This specification will provide  63% higher performance as compared to its predecessors. The TV will be packed with 4 GB of RAM as well as 64 GB of internal storage which will make sure in providing smooth performance.

Xiaomi has earlier shared a teaser image of the Mi TV 5 which will be providing the glimpse of the right side of the TV where it was seen the ‘Designed by Xiaomi’ text. However, the details regarding the price of the Mi TV 5 series or the variants are yet to be known.