Most of the Xiaomi users were eagerly waiting for Mi Band 4 and now that it is released in China, we can expect it to launch in India and other global markets in coming months or even weeks. Considering this, many current Mi Band 3 users are eyeing to upgrade to Mi Band 4. But do you really need to upgrade? Let’s see what are the differences between the two and whether an upgrade is any good or not.

The Chinese tech giant released the 4th generation of fitness and activity band a few days ago in the home market starting at RMB 169 which means Rs 1,700 approximately. This just tells you one thing- the upgrade will not cost double the amount of previous gadget like Apple devices. You can invest the same amount as you spent last year for Mi Band 3 and get a handful of extra features. According to some recent reports, Xiaomi Mi Band has become the most popular fitness band beating many big players including Apple Watch.

Similar to all the previous Mi Band launches, this one was also quite anticipated by people who are either upgrading or people who are buying their first fitness band. While new buyers can read our Mi Band 4 review here, those upgrading can stick to get the major differences between the previous and the latest launch of Mi Band.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs Mi Band 3: Design and Features

There are no big differences between the designs. In fact, the straps are entirely same which means your spare Mi band 3 straps are not going to waste even when you upgrade. However, there is an important change coming in the charging contact pins. While Mi Band 3 had the charging pins on the bottom side, the new device has them on the back side. This also means that you are getting an entirely new USB charging accessory with Mi Band 4.

The new design totally changes the charging mechanism as users used to clamp Band 3 from the bottom end with pressure from the top to make sure the charging pins are connected with the charger. But the new design eliminates that pressure thing and likely brings an easier way for users to charge the device. Mi Band 4 also has similar fitness, heart rate, sleep, and activity tracking features alongside the similar waterproof protection of up to 50m.

However, these are not the only things in Mi Band 4 as the device comes with several new features unavailable in Mi Band 3. The most popular new features include over 380 screen customization combinations available on a new color screen and machine powered by 6-axis accelerometer. With the new accelerometer comes an improved fitness and activity tracking. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 also supports precision 24-hour heart-rate tracking, voice control, and NFC. If you are in Mainland China, NFC support will also give you access to Alipay, bus card support, and access card mode. There are more details available in all these new features that are unavailable in Mi band 3.

Mi Band 4 vs Mi Band 3: Display and battery

Upfront, Mi Band 4 has a better display which is bigger, brighter, highly resolved, and most importantly COLORED. In front of Mi Band 3’s 0.78-inches OLED display with a 128×80 resolution, the Mi Band 4 features a 0.95-inch AMOLED panel with 120×240 RGB resolution that can produce 400nits brightness. According to the company, this new colored 2.5D curved display is capable of providing similar 20 days of battery life as of Mi Band 3. To do this, Xiaomi just bumped from a 110mAh battery on the Mi Band 3 to a 135mAh battery on the Mi Band 4.

The previous generation of fitness band included Bluetooth v4.2 whereas the new one upgrades it to Bluetooth v5.0. Similar to Mi band 3, Xiaomi has released a separate NFC version of the Mi Band 4 too which comes with an AI-powered voice assistant that will assist in controlling smart home appliances. However, neither the Xiaomi smart appliances nor NFC variant of Mi band 4 will come to India.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Limited edition Avengers

The last difference comes as the limited edition Avengers edition of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 4. It is less likely that the limited edition package will launch in India but with custom band face and straps, Xiaomi will actually impress a number of users.


Similar price but a number of extra features and a color display- Xiaomi is giving you all the reasons to switch from Mi Band 3 to the new Mi Band 4. We think it is worth the switch considering there are so many new things introduced at similar charges in Xiami Mi band 4.