Google Apple Join Hands For Contact Tracing

World’s famous mobile & laptop company Apple & biggest internet search engine Google both are developing a new technology in their respective smartphone platform so that the user would know if he or she has made any contact with a corona impacted person.

The expected date for the launching of this technology is by the mid of May. There will be an option for the user to choose for this service or not. It is expected that this technology also have a strength to relocate the pseudo information wirelessly with the help of mobile based application that is run through by the health officials.

This step could be the most impactful in comparison of any other government based application, more than 95% smartphone are works on android & iOS. This technology has ability to track the population’s third part of the complete world.

The main purpose being this technology is to aware the user that they should put themselves into isolation or quarantine themselves after the interaction with the Covid-19 affected person.

Both the silicon valley giants said on Friday that Apple & Google are developing the technology in their iOS & Android system of mobile. After the launch of this technology, if a person who is affected with this dangerous diseases and they affected their data in the app then all of the person in their contact who has an interaction history with the affected person would be notified. The time frame for isolation would be of 14 days and it can be increased or decreased by the health officials.

This technology would be implemented within 2 step as the 1st step would be start by mid of May and the 2nd step would come in effective at the later part of year. More than 3 billions are using android & iOS mobile platform around the world. The epidemic has killed more than 1 lakh people across the world and around 1.63 million people are infected with dangerous diseases.

Every affected country is dealing with complete lock down, all the borders have been seized, Flights, trains, bus and all other mode of transport has been withdrawal till the decrease in cases of Covid-19. Government is asking people to stay back in their homes and don’t go anywhere outside as the corona virus can be spread by one affected person to many other persons.

Also there is some controversy regarding this technology as the affected person needs to update his information on the App and there would be billions of people in numbers and also they would update their locations but there is a risk of privacy as the bad elements would try to steal the important information of the user like their name, address and their contact number etc but Apple and Google confirmed that their system has a strict user privacy policy and the location data would not be collected. Apart from it the technology won’t ask the user as where he came in contact with the affected person.

Check these Covid-19 statistics around the globe

Confirmed Cases- 1,712,674

Last 24 hours- 1,00,028

Death- 1,03,796

Total Recovered- 3,88,910

The countries who are most affected with Covid-19 are U.S.A (4,66,299), Spain (1,57,022), Italy (1,43,626), France (1,18,785) & Germany (1,18,235).