Windows 10 Update “RedStone 5” Expected to Drop Early in October

Windows 10 Update “RedStone 5” Expected to Drop Early in October

Microsoft is holding an event to talk about its Surface products on October 2, and tech gurus are expecting the Windows 10 October 2018 update to drop on the same date. The news coming from Windows Latest and ZDNet was confirmed with a Microsoft’s product page found in the XML format on MyDigitalLife.

Windows 10 Update “RedStone 5” Expected to Drop Early in October

Source: WindowsLatest

Since we have not seen any Preview Builds in recent days, it is easy to assume that development has entirely ended. Reports from WindowsCentral folks have also confirmed that the development process on Windows 10 is complete and they are under last-minute bug scan. The date makes sense since this is going to be a big event for the company and you can expect some big announcements.

What’s The Update?

Unlike all the mobile operating systems and rival desktop operating systems, Windows have a reputation of rolling out updates only when they have major changes in an OS version. Otherwise, the Windows owning company likes to roll out small updates for regular fixes and small bugs. The rumors have cleared a number of features for the users including, but not limited, to:

  • Clipboard sync across devices and history.
  • A dark file explorer theme.
  • A service to send SMS from PC with the help of “Your Phone” app on your Android device.
  • A Mac-like screenshot capturing tool replacing the faithful Snipping tool.
  • Swiftkey compatibility in touch keyboard.
  • An entirely new screenshot utility.
  • Windows Defender changed to Windows Security.
  • Notepad updated with tons of new features such as Unix line ending support.
  • An all-new tab bar called ‘Sets’ for almost all the apps.
  • A new “power usage” tab introduced in Task manager containing real-time info about battery eating apps.
  • Unicode 11 brings more inbuilt emojis.
  • MS Edge browser updates.
  • And tons of other updates introduced for enhanced usage.

There’s a small hurdle in installing the current update. A computer with low disk space will be unable to get the October update as per reports. The problem came with a document from Microsoft stating that Windows will not check for the disk space. The update will run and if your PC falls short of disk space while it expands the new files, it will fail immediately.

Don’t Want To Wait? Join the Insider Program Now

Who doesn’t loves to live on the cutting edge? We understand that you don’t like waiting for a whole year when Microsoft finally rolls out a huge update. Then simply join the Insider Program. That is how we get information about the latest updates and features. You will get the fast, slow, and a release preview ring. These ‘Rings’ determine how quick you want the update to reach you. The very first one is the fast ring, built for people on the bleeding edge. You probably do not want your PC to die without any cause. So, avoid the first one and choose from slow or release preview rings.

Most of the times preview builds from Microsoft are stable but not all machines can handle the OS bugs. Notably, a rollback from the installed updates from Insider Programs requires an entire reinstall. So, be careful when you opt for updates before time.