Why you Should (or should not) Switch to Apple Watch 4


Apple smartly stepped up to the new version of its smartwatch on Wednesday with Watch 4 series and it took the best from Series 3 to make it even better. Users can stay connected to their loved ones while keeping their hearts healthy. If you are using Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 2, then an upgrade to Series 4 does make sense. However, if you have bought Series 3 Watch just a while ago then know what’s new in a Series 4 upgrade. We analyzed both the watches and here are some points to help you calculate your decision.

Apple Watch Series 4 Is Beautiful

If we talk about Watch Series 0 to Series 3, nothing can match the latest version. While the previous versions were chunky with OK corners and big bezels, Watch 4 is certainly better looking at wrists. The rounded corners of the display are spread all over nicely without unwanted bezels, which makes it aesthetically amazing.

In addition, the one available in Gold is magnificent. People who like to get their hands on the latest premium looking gadgets will find Apple Watch Gold Series 4 enough to upgrade. Apple has also announced that the new design will be compatible with all the old bands. While 38mm bands will go along with the new 40mm Apple Watch, they will support the new 44mm and 42mm versions. So, if you have a great collection of bands with you, the upgrade is not going to make them unusable.

Always Wanted More Complications?

The biggest difference between Series 3 and Series 4 is the display size where Apple has is as much as 35% better now. You can calculate the variation with the fact that even the 40mm version of Series 4 is has a slightly larger screen than 42mm of Series 3.

The redesign coupled with watchOS 5 software lets users utilize the more space they are getting. What used to have just 4 complications has now reached 8. Apple throws a lot of useful information on this big screen for ease of operation.

There is weather, timer, activity ring, world clock, date, calendar, podcasts, music, and many other things in one face of the Watch. People like the Modular watch face but the limit of only 5 complications made it a little annoying for everyone. Not anymore.

Faster Processor

Apple Watch Series 4 is powered by an S4 chip on the system. A dual-core 64-bit processor is claimed to be two times faster than that of Series 3. At the time Apple dropped Series 3 last year, we considered it the first one that was fast enough. After such a statement from Apple, we believe that apps like Workouts, Calendar, and Music will give you a flawless experience on Apple Watch 4.

The new S4 comes along with next-generation sensors. The new installed gyroscope and accelerometer are powerful enough to process motion data 8 times faster with two times better dynamic range. Apple Watch is mostly used for fitness tracking and this is a huge improvement considering fitness.

Heart Tracking and ECG

The new Digital Crown now has built-in electrodes. There are new electrodes introduced in on the back which result in far better heart rate tracking than before. Moreover, it also brings Electrocardiogram (ECG) on a consumer wearable for the first time ever.

Series 3 had the capability track too high or too low heart rates. Series 4 takes it to another level with ECG right on your wrist. It even detects a fall and automatically contacts emergency services in case of no movement is detected for a minute.


Apple has improved more than one front of the Watch but we should admit that the updates largely focus on fitness and nothing else. Fitness lovers will have their own perks on the new wearable but if you are not a fitness enthusiast, then getting an upgrade from Series 3 to Series 4 might not be a good idea for you.