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Is it necessary to install a VPN for iPhone? iPhones are pretty secure already and well-known for their sandboxing technique and low amount of infected apps. However, that doesn’t mean iPhone users are immune to cyberattacks and spying – plus there’s more than one reason to use a VPN. So to that end, here are six reasons why people might want to download a VPN for their iPhone. 

How Secure Are Apple Products? 

Apple might be serious about security, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes. The newly announced iPhone 11 is fresh off the assembly line, and major security vulnerability has already been found. 

The company does employ secure end-to-end encryption to protect the data on their phones, but that doesn’t mean that it is safe. Apple still has access to all that information, and they can share it with whomever they want. 

Sometimes, a company needs to share info with third-parties, like app developers, so they can tailor their applications for the platform. At the same time, there’s no guarantee that the developers will use adequate methods of data protection, nor any way to know whom they share that data with. Apple has tried to tighten the reins a bit, but around 68% of developers still ignore Apple’s end-to-end encryption rule. 

Moreover, Apple agreed to be part of the PRISM surveillance program back in 2012. That means they share all sorts of data with the NSA. Including connection logs, chats, emails, and media files. 

6 Reasons Why iPhone Users Should Install A VPN 

  1. Say Goodbye To Geo-Restrictions

Annoying content restrictions often get between people and their favorite series, movies, podcasts, and YouTube videos. Depending on where someone lives or where they go on vacation, they’ll simply be locked out of content. 

VPN services help resolve this issue by having multiple servers spread across countries all over the world. When someone connects to a server in the US from the UK, they’ll be able to access US Netflix and Hulu. Some services block well-known VPN servers, so try to shop around and test it first. 

  1. Don’t Get Caught In That Public WiFi Trap

Public WiFi networks can be a cesspool of malware and spying attempts. They’re often not secured properly, and even those with passwords are usually easy to crack when someone knows how. 

The best course of action would generally be to avoid connecting to public WiFi altogether. But when it is absolutely necessary, then connect through a VPN first (download one here). The VPN service keeps others from stealing sensitive data off the connection by encrypting it. So instead of seeing login details or credit card information, all they’ll see is gibberish. 

  1. With a VPN for iPhone, There Are No More Firewall Blocks

Most workplaces, schools, and campuses have regulations that restrict certain websites. When people connect to the network with their phones, then the firewall will automatically block these websites from loading. Using a VPN bypasses that firewall blocking problem by hiding the IP address on the iOS device. 

  1. Working Remotely Becomes That Much Safer

Sometimes lugging a laptop everywhere just isn’t possible, even while attending a work event abroad. What’s the harm in just replying to emails on your iPhone or quickly sending that file a coworker requested? Well, it could mean a lot of harm to the company if that info ever gets stolen. 

Use a VPN to encrypt the connection so no one can peek in on what’s going on. Plenty of remote workers already do. 

  1. A VPN Prevents ISP Spying

ISP can see everything that their clients do online, and they also store and use a lot of that data. Not only is that a huge privacy issue, but they also sell that data to third-parties. Since a VPN encrypts network traffic, it can hide online actions even from an ISP. 

  1. Censorship is a Thing of the Past

Censorship is a major issue in some countries, but a VPN overcomes this by changing your device’s IP address. It keeps governments and ISPs from suppressing any websites or apps they don’t like. 

So is a VPN Necessary for iPhone? 

Yes, it is. Despite having strong security protocols in place, the iPhone still isn’t totally secure. A VPN also provides plenty of other benefits that iPhone users will appreciate.