Coronavirus pandemic has made everyone panic around the world. The deadly virus has taken many lives, and the total number of people affected has raised more than two lakhs. With the virus circulating in such a high rate, various tech demons are doing their part to make sure people are conscious and not reading any misleading information. Now, the World Health Organization has worked together with WhatsApp to establish a Health Alert.

A new health alert messaging policy in cooperation with Facebook and WhatsApp can help civilization to get questions resolved about the virus. As worldwide cases of COVID-19 increase above 254,000 and one country after another increase’s constraints on people’s movement, here’s what you expect to know about the spread of the coronavirus, from the WHO in Geneva.

With the assistance of the new Health Alert service, the organization will be furnishing users with the right explanations to their questions about Coronavirus. The reliable information will be accessible for all users 24 hours a day, worldwide. Apart from delivering information like symptoms and precautions, the Health Alert will also be eligible to provide users the latest statistics of the world.

How to use the WHO Health Alert on WhatsApp?

To add WHO Health Alert on WhatsApp, the doper will need to save the number +41 79 893 1892 in the contacts. Once the number keeps, it will automatically appear on WhatsApp. Open the chat and send a simple message saying ‘Hi’ to the digit. Now, the WHO Health Alert service will react with a sequel of prompts. Also, the chat will be revised daily with the latest data on COVID19.

Remarking on the new service launch, Mark Zuckerberg, said, “With WHO Health Alerts, you can collect their daily situation report, which has the latest numbers of cases by country around the world, as well as advice on how to protect yourself, and answers to frequently asked questions that you can easily deliver to friends and family.”

It is also worth reporting that the coronavirus information hub, launched earlier by WhatsApp, is unique. The center also delivers the right information on coronavirus via the webpage – To make things easier, the Facebook-owned demon has expanded a link to open up a chat with the WHO Health Alert on the hub. WHO Health Alert service is currently accessible only in the English language, but the company is working on adding assistance for more languages including, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.

 They are protecting healthcare workers. Don’t use cloaks unless you are looking after a sick person at the residence, enabling critical equipment to be utilized by the right people. Attach to local guidelines to avoid circulating the virus and putting additional pressure on the healthcare system.

The WHO is working with countries to comprehend what commodities they might currently have, as well as studying market analysis on supply chains and working with private companies to increase production. Once estimates are completed, the WHO can tackle getting tests, PPE, and critical experts to countries that need them given the lockdowns and restrictions in place in many parts of the world.

Vaccine developments

Multiple vaccines are in progress, according to WHO officials and the first trials have begun just 60 days after China first shared the genetic sequence. Officials instructed, however, that it would be some time before the vaccine could be circulated entirely. It must be adequately tested and deemed safe, for one. But then, it must be generated and distributed at the hierarchy, so everyone has access.