Whatsapp web dark mode

WhatsApp update was notified yesterday night with some new features enabled to its app on different platforms. Currently, these functions are limited to few users but it is expected to be used by all users in few weeks. One feature which is available to all the users is, Dark Mode which is support for WhatsApp Web only. It has a dark grey background with prominent light shades to highlight the text box and selected chats.

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Let us see, how to enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web

Below are the steps to enable dark mode in whatsapp web with just few simple clicks.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Web on your laptop or personal computer.

Step 2: click on the three-dotted menu on top which is next to your profile  picture.

Step 3: Choose ‘Settings’ and then and then click ‘Theme’.

Step 4: Here in this menu, choose dark and then select ok.

Here you go! Dark mode will be enabled on your WhatsApp Web.

To make it more attractive and beautify, you can also use dark coloured wallpapers which WhatsApp launched to go with these theme.

They are located under the ‘Chat Wallpaper’ at the bottom of the box.