WhatsApp to Hire Legal Head from India

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Lastly, Whatsapp hired a grievance officer for India to tackle fake news. And now, Whatsapp is hunting for a legal head from India to look after and advise the company on regulatory and litigation matters.

Candidate Should Be Expertise in

The candidate for associate general counsel must be able to manage a litigation portfolio, including litigation coming from regulatory matters, intellectual property, privacy, integrity, telecommunications, and encryption, and advise the firm on compliance, privacy and payments issues.
“We can say that this position is equivalent to that of a legal head for WhatsApp in India,” a person familiar with the development told ET.

What does general counsel Means to a Company 

 “For global markets, the general counsel is the legal head and the associate general counsel works alongside the company’s general counsel. But, for Indian Market especially, companies have a principal legal counsel or assistant general counsel,” the person said on the condition of anonymity.
Whatsapp has chosen Linkedin to recruit right candidate for this role for New Delhi as the location and could involve, among other things, regulatory, litigation, intellectual property, law enforcement, encryption, integrity, privacy, and telecommunications matters, besides compliance and payments.
WhatsApp to hire legal head from India

You can read the full Job description at this link.

“A lot of people have applied for this role and have asked for recommendations,” a second person familiar with the development said. “But it could involve about 10-12 rounds of interviews and finalizing a candidate for the role could take a few months.” WhatsApp had on Monday announced the appointment of Komal Lahiri as the grievance officer for India.

WhatsApp is continuously facing trouble in India after the government in early July told the firm to immediately stop the circulation of “explosive” and “irresponsible” messages, linking such content with a spurt in lynching incidents in India.

Dissatisfied with its response on curbing fake news, the ministry of electronics and IT is sending a third letter to WhatsApp for a technical solution to trace origins of incendiary messages.