WhatsApp Joins Hand With WHO

Handshaking with WHO and Teams:

Today the whole world is fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic and wants to get over these global problems and save mankind on this planet called earth. Information carriers like newspapers, media, and now social media are very much active on this to cover up and broadcast the epidemic updates of COVID-19. 

They are mainly covering its direct effect on humans across the globe, economy, and international level of impact of Lockdowns, etc. 

Social media platforms like WhatsApp are playing an important role in this for information sharing on tips of toes on various smartphones. 

What is WhatsApp?

What’s app is an app of communication and networking. It does the share of media files, news and images, and various media links. WhatsApp is a popular app works on Smartphone and some selected other handsets, too. Through this app, you can send, share and forward as well as create some information types like images, mini-articles, news updates, news links, photos, etc. to various individuals and groups, within a fraction of seconds. Every one share or forwards the same in his or her circles, groups, etc. So the impact of one single news update or issue is huge in public.

WhatsApp believes in updating its features from time to time like sharing ways of media, new images graphics, etc. 

In today’s crucial period, information sharing in today’s worst global situation is very sensitive and impactful on the daily life of citizens everywhere.

In today’s epidemic conditions, what’s app has added a special Chabot feature in association with WHO to fight against COVID-19 differently. It will restrict fake news and rumors about COVID-19 and will pass on genuine updates only. This is the primary purpose of giving a Chabot feature.

What is a Chabot feature? How does it work?

A Chabot is an add-in feature where a person who is an information seeker opens up with his queries regarding a product or services or any information topic updates; basically, a query processor which is automated or sometimes manual also. 

It means if it is 24 X 7 available as a helpline for some service or support purpose, then a person from the organization side, answers the query to the client or customer or information seeker in the day time or work time. At the same time, the same works in an automated way for answering queries other than work time to client or information seeker. 

This automation is done by Artificial Intelligence technology as well as Machine Learning techniques.

How WhatsApp Chabot will work?

Apart from daily genuine corona alerts and updates, this Chatbot will answer all queries of all people across worldwide regarding the Coronavirus. Users of this App will be satisfied with all Corona concerns via fruitful explanations to their raised questions. This alert will provide all required statistics about the Coronavirus. This will also share tips to you on self-care and protection. It is available for 24 X 7 to all users across the world. This chat is daily updating. The Frequently Ask Questions can be forwarded to nears and dears, via WhatsApp faster. Users are also getting vital information like the prevention and symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Global level work through Platform

Due to this activity worldwide, WhatsApp has taken the initiative to do social cause by preventing misleading information to share, but on the contrary, providing every important information for all time in a day with health alerts, global data regarding COVID-19 with genuine information.