Facebook-owned WhatsApp expanded multiple features in 2019, varying from fingerprint authentication to new privacy settings. With the increase of new features, WhatsApp’s look and perceive have remained the same. It is still one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world. As the New Year 2020 arrives, here are the main new updates that are coming to WhatsApp soon.

WhatsApp may quickly start showing Ads in WhatsApp Status. Some other vital updates are coming to the WhatsApp in 2020.

The messaging app is working on various new features, and some features already have in the beta version of the app.

Dark mode

The dark mode for WhatsApp has been under works for an extended period and can be launched soon. It is possibly the most awaited feature on WhatsApp. It has been standard in the recent beta versions of both iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp. They feature dark mode, set to particularly as Dark Theme. It is very soon to be released out. It has already reached selected users who had a beta version of this application. The Dark Theme will allow users to reverse the color scheme of the app, as the name suggests.

According to WaBetaInfo, dark mode is ready to release, but it misses out some entities like status updates cell, storage cells, and cells under backup. Some of the key features like the Phone number, About, Business details cells in Contact info are also not available till now. A stable version with all features is expected for both iOS and Android users, to launch in this New Year.

According to a recent report, it will also include a battery saver mode that will automatically turn on Dark Mode as per the battery life available at that time. 

Self-destructing messages

WhatsApp is also working on a self-destructing messaging feature for some time. Though this feature will work in a different way than how it was earlier believed to be. This feature is intended for helping users automatically to clean up older chats which eventually help in making more storage on their devices. The feature is possible to become useful for group chat users, but the feature will be available for both private chats as well as group chats.

WhatsApp Payments

WhatsApp has more than 300 million active users worldwide who use this messaging app to text daily.

In last year, WhatsApp started a pilot to allow its users to make UPI-based payments. The authorized release of WhatsApp Pay was postponed after hitting local regulatory roadblocks. After some time, they said that WhatsApp is working with the local authorities to release the feature in India.

WhatsApp global head also said, “To boost digital inclusion in India, we can launch the WhatsApp pay service across the country later this year after fulfilling restraints,”

Blocked contact notice

WhatsApp has been noticed working on this another beneficial feature. It provides users one-tap access to unlock the user or contact that they have blocked. When users enable the Blocked Contact Notice feature in the application, every time, they prevent a connection. WhatsApp will show a bubble in the chat window, which provides one-tap access to unblock the contact. The messaging app would display a similar message when users want to unblock user or contact. The feature is under works and can be expected to come by 2020.

WhatsApp for iPad

WhatsApp can be operated on desktop, on Android, and iPhone, but the app still does not support for iPad. According to WaBetaInfo, the problem will terminate soon for the iPad users as the messaging app will work on the iPad. It is expected that this crucial feature will launch soon.