WhatsApp Face ID and Touch ID Authentication Feature Rolled Out for iPhones

World’s most popular instant messaging platform is in the news again for some new features. The iOS version of WhatsApp has added support for Face ID and Touch ID biometric authentication. Being one of the much-awaited features for iOS WhatsApp, iPhone users will now be able to lock and unlock the Facebook-owned app using FaceID/Touch ID biometric authentication. After staying in beta phase for quite some time, the feature is final glitch-free and official on WhatsApp servers.

The news of adding another layer of security over WhatsApp is taking rounds of the internet since last year. After finally getting the FaceID and Touch ID security, WhatsApp users on iOS will now be able to lock their private chat conversations easily. The Apple users will be able to put a lock over WhatsApp with their biometric details which include their face as well as fingerprints.

Devices In Which WhatsApp Face ID and Touch ID Will Work

WhatsApp Face ID and Touch ID Authentication Feature Rolled Out for iPhones

To answer whether Face ID or Touch ID will work on your iPhone’s WhatsApp lock, the Facebook-owned company has a simple description. The users of iPhone X and its other family members will have the Face ID option for locking WhatsApp whereas, the older versions of iPhones will support Touch ID lock. Note that Touch ID was introduced on iPhone 5s and later. It was supported by iOS 9 and above. To get the feature, all you need is update the WhatsApp messenger on your iPhone to the latest 2.19.20 version.

How to Enable Face ID and Touch ID Authentication on WhatsApp

To enable the biometric authentication on your WhatsApp for the iPhone device, go to the WhatsApp settings after the update. Go to Account >> Privacy >> Screen Lock and turn on Face ID or Touch ID from there.

WhatsApp Face ID and Touch ID Authentication Feature Rolled Out for iPhonesWhatsApp Face ID and Touch ID Authentication Feature Rolled Out for iPhones

You can also choose whether you want immediate activation of the feature or you want to schedule the biometric authentication application after a certain interval of time such as a minute, 15 minutes, or an hour.

Note that, the new WhatsApp lockdown function doesn’t work with message previews.

If you have turned on the notifications on your phone’s locked screen, the messages will be visible despite the lock. So, be careful with your WhatsApp notification settings even after WhatsApp Face ID/Touch ID enabled. WhatsApp also cleared that message preview will not only enable users to read the messages but they can also reply to chats and receive calls without unlocking the chat app.

WhatsApp might be owned by Facebook, but it has been known as the most secure messaging platform in the world. However, it has not been out of reach of scammers. In a recent report from The Sun, £725 per person was lost to scammers across the UK and most of them posed as a friend to people on WhatsApp. Governments across the globe are trying to fight fake news and scamming over social networks. However, it is our responsibility to act responsibly and stop the scam and misinformative messages.