While the Facebook-owned app has always been pushing out updates to enhance the user experience, there is still no news about the long-awaited dark mode on WhatsApp. 

It is one of the most anticipated and request features in the history of the instant messaging app. And when other apps such as Facebook Messenger, Amazon Kindle, and many more have it then why not WhatsApp? Moreover, the dark mode automatically pushes the battery life which makes it even more necessary considering the time billions of WhatsApp users spend every day on the messaging app. 

The rise of AMOLED displays has already seen quite an improvement in the battery performances of smartphones. And having a dark mode on the most popular apps makes it even more useful. Rumors about a dark mode on the Facebook-owned messaging app have been swirling around for quite long now but there is still no official confirmation about it. This has even led to some users downloading a modified version of the app such as WhatsApp+.

But, what if we can get you the WhatsApp dark mode before the official release? Yes, users can use the instant messenger with a dark screen on both Android and iOS without any rooting or jailbreaking of the device. So let’s roll down to the steps for using WhatsApp in dark mode. 

WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android

To use the messaging app in dark mode on your Android device, you need to run the latest Android Q beta version on your device. Every step after that is described below. 

Step 1: Go to Settings on your device with Android Q and then enable the native dark theme for the device. Path- Settings > Display > Dark.

Step 2: Now you need to turn on the dark theme on all apps using Developer Options.

Step 3: You need to get “Developer Options” on the Settings menu by tapping on Build Number seven times. Path- Settings > About Phone > Build Number

Step 4: Go back on the settings menu, and go to now visible Developer Options and turn on “Override Force-Dark”. This will apply a dark theme on all the apps.

Now, you will find your WhatsApp start window in dark mode. However, the chat window will still have the usual wallpaper or the one selected by you. You can now change that wallpaper to a solid dark color in the WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Wallpaper.

While there are limitations to this trick that it only works on the smartphones with Android Q beta program, you can still get a proper dark theme on not only WhatsApp but all the apps on your smartphone. 

Dark Mode on WhatsApp for iPhone

While Android users need the latest Google OS Android Q on their devices, iPhone users need specifically iOS 11 on their smartphone. Similar to the dark theme on the Android, iOS 11 users can mimic the effect using the “Smart Invert” feature available in the Settings. As far as iPhones are concerned, this is not the most effective way for dark mode on WhatsApp but unfortunately, this is the only way for iOS users to get WhatsApp in dark mode. 

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