What to expect from Apple on March 25 event: News Subscription, AirPods 2, and More

Let’s get ready for Apple’s first event for 2019. The event is certain to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater of Apple Park campus on March 25. While no official announcement or invitations has been seen yet, this event is coming just at the right time to set up Apple’s usual spring events that usually release more than just news subscriptions.

So what exactly should we expect from the iPhone maker in the upcoming event? Somethings we know from the rumors going around and some we are going to guess. This term, both rumors, and guesses might fall at the right place at the end, so, let’s get into it.

A News Subscription Service

As far as we remember, Apple’s spring events are never anything less than accessories and hardware. But it will be shocking for you to know that the show stopper for March 25 will be a News subscription service from the tech giant. The subscription will allow you to enjoy news content from a collection of premium news publishers at $10 per month. Apple, reportedly, is going to keep 50% of the revenue generated for itself and split the rest 50% among the news publishers. The stats still can change since a report from WSJ told that the negotiation talks are still on between Apple and publishers due to reluctance to agree with the terms from the later one.

The media channels are dubbing this new service as “Netflix for news” and it will reportedly be a part of the current Apple News app. This decreases the risk of releasing a separate news app since then it would have to establish itself first as a bigger platform whereas, Apple News is available openly on all iPads and iPhones.

A Video Subscription Service

First, there were rumors about a “Netflix for News”, then reports started coming of Apple looking for a Netflix-like service of its own. According to some recent leaks and rumors, Apple is eyeing to release a video subscription service for movies and TV shows of its own. Apart from its own original TV shows and movies, Apple reportedly has struck deals with Showtime, Starz, and Viacom for their content too. However, there is no news of Apple settling accords with Netflix or HBO, meaning you will miss out on shows such as Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Narcos, or The Sopranos. Pricing of this video subscription service is expected to undercut both Netflix and HBO Now.

There are also rumors about Apple’s original shows reportedly including an Oprah Winfrey flick, a Stephen Spielberg’s Amazing Stories reboot, and a climate-change documentary coming in multi-series. Though it doesn’t really excite anyone, we will have to wait for April or May to see how it goes when the service is supposedly going live.

A Game Subscription

What to expect from Apple on March 25 event: News Subscription, AirPods 2, and More

Just when you think that’s all from Apple, it surprises you with something more classy and different. Apple has seen how the previously-intense market of iPhone’s has fallen down lately and the company is willing to put their bucks in something more profitable and in trend. There have been five different anonymous sources revealing that a “Netflix for Games” is also making its way to the Apple world in March. According to the rumors, customers will have access to a number of titles by paying a monthly subscription fee to Apple.

The company, reportedly, has been talking to game developers since the second half of 2018. This will not only develop a new platform for game developers to sell their premium services but will also see Apple cover a good amount of profit in marketing and distribution.

AirPods 2

There are numerous outlets and media groups claiming that we are likely to miss out the second generation AirPods in the next Apple event. But we have a hunch that these will be the party dessert. There have been some recent rumors about Apple’s most popular accessories and amid all this, AirPods 2 might be very near to us.

Rumor mills are churning out suggestions that everything will remain same in the second-gen AirPods expect one major change- they will be Black. Moreover, reports are also coming about an improved sound as well as a brand new coating more a powerful, sweat-proof grip.