Have you ever wondered of what makes tap and go services like Apple Pay, android Pay? Sometimes, it may seem like magic. From Big data to social marketing solutions, the arsenal of technology tools are quite available to marketers is multiplying daily. You might have remembered that it was a big deal when the Apple added NFC app to the iPhone 6 back in 2014, this was the feature that Android users have been fortunate enough to have for some years now. If you have been tired of being told about:  revolutionary, new technologies, but never understood exactly, how to make use of them, then don’t worry..!! There are lots of people who feel that way about what if NFC in their smartphones, so you are not the single one.

Before we dive deep into what is the major use of NFC, let us first understand what is NFC and how does that work.

What is NFC?

NFC Chips

NFC stands for Near Field Communication which is becoming pretty commonplace, and all thanks to the growth of online payment systems like Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Especially, when it comes to high-end devices and even many mi-rangers. Then, you will likely hear the term before. This is now mainstream as the number of NFC smartphone with the latest technology is increasing fast because it works in the background and you may not know what it is. This technology is evolved from the rapid frequency identification, but NFC is limited to communication within about four inches, and this is the reason why you hold your smartphone so close to the contactless reader if you are using the Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. This technology allows for two-way communication, with both devices involved being able to send and receive information. It does not rely on Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE and it does not cost anything to use.

How do you come to know whether your Android smartphone has NFC or not?

To know this, whether your Android smartphone has NFC or not, just follow the simple steps to check this: Go to setting>More or settings>Wireless &Networks, and just check if there is an NFC option hiding in there or not. There is most of the mobile phone which have NFC place on the small NFC logo on their rear panels too.

Working of NFC

Unlike Bluetooth, NFC chip does not require any type of manual pairing or device discovery for transferring the data. With the help of NFC, a connection is automatically started when other NFC device entries into that previously specified 4-inch range. Listed below are the 3 major ways we already use NFC between devices as:


Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet


Placing your smartphone within 4 inches of the contactless reader in a store will prompt your digital wallet or passbook to pop up and ask your confirm payment.


Sharing between android devices

Sharing between android devices


When two enabled NFC devices are in range, then a prompt will appear asking if you would like to beam whatever content is on the screen to the other android devices.


NFC Chips

NFC Chips


These passive tags need not require power and can be programmed with an app like Tasker to perform certain tasks when scanned properly.

Use of NFC

Below is the major reason for NFC uses on your smartphone are listed as:


Add Wi-Fi Network




NFC Chips

No longer may you have to scribble down your lone and indecipherable Wi-Fi password on the scrappy bit of paper for when you are done with your guests.NFC can replace the process with a simple tap on your smartphone. You can use the trigger, or the long press on your Wi-Fi network in “setting” and hence it will be instantly connected to your network.


Get yourself out of bed






Although, you use one of the best android sleep trackers, still find it tough to avoid snoozing the alarm and continue to sleep again. Then, luckily, sleep as android has a system to help you with that called “Captchas, which are widely being used on the internet to verify that you are human, not the robot.


Digital Business Card






Now, all your contact information on your phones have been carried away properly, so do you think it makes sense to design, purchase and carry around the little bits of card with contact information that you cannot change? This is why NFC card is an awesome idea which you can simply grab a tag and write your contact information, social media details and any relevant website to it.


Launch website URL





There may be a time when you need to direct someone to a specific website. This can be a bit tricky if it is not a simple website address. Therefore, instead of having them type out a long random, URL or you can write the URL to NFC tag.


Driving Mode





A mobile phone can be the great companion when going driving as this allows you to juggle navigation, music and hands-free calls. But, it can sometimes be the bit of hassle to set each service up when you first get into your car. Therefore, instead of manually setting them up each time, you can trigger to set up multiple stacked actions on NFC tag.


Boost your system





There can be nothing worse than coming home from an alone day at work, therefore, you need to have the computer capable of receiving wake on LAN request as well as apps to set up the WLAN, to write the NFC tag.


As you can see the NFC application can be a cheap, easy and fun way for automating mundane tasks, that simplify having guests around, and even interacting between physical and digital world. In the meantime, you can enjoy how to use NFC with the android pay or apple when you grab your Grande Latte.