The summers of India are like monsters for every one of us. Not only this but also the temperature gets elongated by 2-3 months of extra rainfalls because of which we suffer from extreme humidity. But not to worry, before you get disheartened, Sony has a device to offer you in summers. It has introduced a magical device which can be the go-to solution for all of us. It is basically a wearable Air Conditioner which is known as Reon Pocket. Yes, you read it right! It is a wearable air conditioner. Although we know that there are various personal cooling devices which were already launched. We will discuss those later on.

Reon Pocket is specifically a tiny cooling device that one can wear as a portable or handheld air conditioner. Sony wearable air conditioner is now available on the crowdfunding website of Sony. Experts also said that apart from cooling your body during hot and humid days by keeping it in a specially designed shirt, it will also keep your body warm during the winters. 

In terms of size as well as weight, it quite smaller in size and lesser weight as compared to a normal mobile phone. The Reon pocket basically keeps you cooler by releasing cool air with the help of a small panel that is situated on the rear. You will also be getting a battery which is rechargeable which can last more than 85 minutes after 2 hours of charging it.

 The mini air conditioner works perfectly with the help of “Peltier Effect”. Now, what is the Peltier Effect? Well, the other name of Peltier Pocket is Thermoelectric effect which means is the conversion of temperature into electric voltage through thermocouple. Though this effect one can measure the change in temperature of any objects. Peltier effect was discovered by a French physicist Jean Charles Athanase in the year 1834. This effect includes the use of tiny electrical current for either releasing heat or absorbing heat. However, the user will be able to control it with the help of a companion application. But the brand announced that they are planning to launch the device in automatic mode in the near future.

The brand claims that Reon Pocket is efficient enough to cool your body by 23 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degree Celsius) as well as even warming up by 14degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius). The user can even get a full day of usage with just a single charge through USB Type-C.

If you are thinking that Sony is the first device to launch wearable thermostat, you are wrong! Back in 2018 Embr Wave even tried to launch various heated clothing items for the use during snowboarding as well as skiing. But Reon Pocket is somewhat different than others. It is because of its size. It can easily fit even in a normal T-Shirt.

The application of Reon Pocket is compatible with both iOS as well as Android. The weight of the device is 85 grams and has two different variants namely Reon Pocket Lite as well as Reon Pocket Standard. However, we will get it in the market by 2020 which almost after a year. The device is now available only in Japan. But for now, you can wear some of the following cooling devices. Of course, they are not as high tech Reon Pocket. But you cannot really complain about them.

Some cooling device that will protect you from summers

Following are some of the personal cooling devices that you can purchase for the time being:

Cooling Ice Vest

This is made of breathable mesh materials. You can easily adjust it as per the size of your body. This particular item bestows with four different removable ice packs by providing more than 2 and a half hours of cooling effects.

Mission Gaiter

Mission Gaiter cools down the body below 30 degrees. It has a UPF 50 ratings of sun protection and has a longevity of 2 hours when it is wet. All you need to do is soak it into water.

Cooling Mattress Pad

It is basically an energy-efficient control system of temperature. This helps in cooling the surface of the mattress. This mattress pad is made of silicone which offers temperature ranging from 46 to 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Black Ice Personal Cooling System

The particular device is famous just like the iPhone. It is basically is like a collar. It has two different coolers in two of its blocks. It is situated near to the carotid artery to provide a cooling effect on your body. The device looks quite trendy as it offers comfort while you are working, walking and even playing.

Honeywell Quiet Whole Room Tower Fan

This fan is quite different as compared to other devices that we have mentioned above. It does not keep your body cool but helps to cool down the entire room where you are present to chill you out.

Mini Evaporative Cooler

It can act as both as interior decorations as well as for cooling purposes. The capacity of the device is 400ml. The key advantage of this product is that it works fastly by changing the noise levels. It consists of 7 different inbuilt lights that will help in creating a chilled atmosphere all around the room without even consuming much energy.

As you have seen there are various other alternatives that you can also use till Reon Pocket gets launched. These devices also will help you to be chilled to some extent during this hot and humid weather. But of course Reon Pocket is the best wearable AC to date. The price of the device is 14080 yen which is approximately Rs 8947. And the advanced device is priced at 19030 yen which is approximately Rs 12093. At the price point of view, the device is quite affordable.