We all have been in that situation when a perfect photo is bombed by someone or something. TouchRetouch app is one handy tool to deal with such photobomb situations erasing unwanted objects and people from the photograph in a second. Not only objects but you can delete skin blemishes, power lines, dust particles, and everything else that is spoiling your photo. Below we will roll down the functions of this app that you can use on different photo conditions to create a clean and striking image.


TouchRetouch App is available for both Android and iPhone users, used to remove unwanted objects from any type of picture in the most amazing manner. The award-winning app has taken photo editing to a new level by giving an option of removing people or things that accidentally ruin a perfect photograph. The app is on its 4th version and still keep getting better with a brilliant team of developers. You can learn about the app from its nice and short in-built tutorials.

Line/Segment Remover

The first feature of the app is Line/Segment Removal. A couple of options in this section includes full line removal and segment removal. You can zoom into the picture similarly you do in the regular Gallery app by using two fingers. You can also drag and move the picture through two fingers. At the bottom, you will find settings for changing the thickness of the detecting line. All you have to do is drag your finger over the line-type object and select it all. Even if you fail to draw a straight line, the app automatically catches the line.

The segment remover has the similar functionality but it only removes the portion of an object you highlight. These new tools have recently been included in the app and users have received it quite well.

Object Remover

One of the base tools of the TouchRetouch app, object remover comes with a couple of options to highlight including lasso or brush. In settings, you can change brush size and choose according to the object. Once highlighted, just hit ‘Go’ and see the magic happen.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry if you get it wrong the first time because the undo button can turn things back to the initial point. There are many who cannot get it right for the first time, but with the ease of undo, you can play around for a bit.

Blemish Remover

Another cool feature of the app is blemish repair. The new tool comes under quick repair menu. You can tap on settings to change the size of the brush. And then just tap on the blemishes and they’ll be gone.

And yeah, you don’t have to be extremely accurate because it will catch most of the blemishes itself. The new tool has eliminated the efforts people used to perform on hefty and confusing photo editing apps.

Clone Stamp- Mirroring

Another cool and quite accurate feature is the clone stamp. As the name suggests, the feature copies a clone of any part or the whole image. This feature can totally invert your image or put clones of you on the same image making it a great option to play around. The ‘smart’ selection from the developers has resolved so many problems that required except selection.