The Touch Retouch apps offer you a quick and easy way to remove unwanted objects from your mobile phone easily. With the help of these apps, within seconds you can remove/erase power lines, clothes, dust spots, skin blemishes or any other object which you feel so that it is spoiling out your picture, you can conveniently remove that. The

TouchRetouch app is an app to remove clothes from photos can be downloaded from the App store for $1.99. Once you have installed this app and tap on Album section of your phone’s gallery, then you can select the image which you want to remove unwanted clothes or want to edit anything in that picture.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see the apps four editing tools like object removal, a quick repair, line removal, and clone stamps. Each of these tools will help you to clean up your images by removing the distracting items also if you want to remove your clothes and make them a bit stylish and different from your picture.

In the following sections, you will learn how to use each of these four tools of this app to remove clothes from photos or other elements like people, wires, skin treatment, blemishes, and small imperfections.

In this article, we will learn about how to remove clothes from a picture app- TouchRetouch app in your mobile phones that will allow you to create cleaner and more striking images.

Tools for How to Remove Clothes from Picture App – TouchRetouch App

Object Removal Tool

Object Removal Tool touchretouch

In this section, you will learn how to use the object removal tool for eliminating objects from your phone’s gallery. You can use this tool to erase unsightly things such as trash cans, street signs, people, trees, furniture or even whole buildings. After opening the image which you want to edit, select the object removal toll at the bottom of the screen. Now all you have to do is to decide what part do you want to erase, then you can select the Brush or Lasso tool for selecting the object that you want to erase.

By using the app that removes clothes from pictures you can also remove unwanted distractions and can make your picture a bit more different. With the Lasso you only have to outline the object that you want to remove and with the help of a brush, you can brush over everything that you want to erase. In some cases, you will find that Lasso is much quicker, and in others, you might find that it is much easy to use a brush to try out both of them and decide which one is more comfortable to you in your situation.

Quick Repair Tool

Quick Repair Tool touchretouch

A quick repair tool is a great option for removing objects and blemishes in one second. What you have to do is to simply select the area that you want to remove, and as soon as you release your fingertips the object will disappear. When you tap on the quick repair tool, then you will have the option to use either the quick brush or blemish remover. This app to remove clothes from photos has a great tool for erasing the objects and is easy to select.

The blemishes remover is the perfect option to remove the pimples and skin blemishes, after you have removed all the clothes that you want to, do it will give a blemish look to your skin from where you have to remove the clothes, that will show the same tone of color in your body, if you have been a little darker person in your body skin. As soon as you relax your finger, the required object will remove automatically from the image.

Line Removal Tool

Line removal tool


This tool is best used if you want to remove the clothes for girls especially because generally, girls were the clothes that are lined. Therefore, this tool helps them to get rid of strips of their tops or any other type of tops which are lined from their strips.

When you will tap the line removal tool, then you have the option to use either the line remover or the segment remover. When you will release your finger then the app will attempt to remove the complete line of your clothes.

If you want to try and let the app remove your clothesline, then select the line remover tool, and then use your finger to trace along a section of the line. If this does not give you satisfaction, then you can tap the undo icon at the top of e screen, and then select the segment removal toll. This will help you to remove the particular segment of your clothes, like if you want to remove the entire segment of your tops on the side, then the entire side of your top will be removed.

Clone Stamp Tool

Clone Stamp Tool


Now, how to remove clothes from a picture app with the clone stamp tool? This tool lets you supplicate the object or region so that you can copy the pixels from any area of the image to another area.

Let’s suppose, you want to remove a flower from the middle of your top and want to place it on the side corners, then, you can select the flower from your top and can place it anywhere that you want to create it. This is useful for both duplicating the objects and repairing the defects in the area where you have removed objects.

When you have selected the clone stamp tool, make sure that the brush option at the bottom of the search is selected or not. You can select the entire area of your clothes that you want to remove and want to place it in another corner or anywhere else.


There are so many little tricks techniques, which you can use to improve the productivity of your mobile phones. But, when start digging some more and deeper; it is really not that simple how it seems to be. But, by using this app that removes clothes from pictures, you can remove any object that you may think can destroy the overall look of your image and create it more attractive and impressive for you.