Top PUBG-like multiplayer games coming to the smartphone in 2019

Fornite, Stardew Valley and Alto’s are just a few games for the smartphones of the great Android titles that were released in the last year. We all are expecting to see many more in the near future well-known developers. As we all know that, when we say PUBG mobile this game has in a very small amount of time become of the most popular downloaded and well known multiplayer games for android mobile phones. With over 32 million daily active users, it is considered as one of the most played games today. This game has recently recorded the revenue of over billion-dollar globally. But, like every other game, PUBG also has the competitors in the market, which are going to come in the near future in 2019 that will offer similar gaming experience.

However, they have not been able to dethrone the Tencent owned game for a while now. Things might change in the months to come with some of the best multi-player games in 2019 that will hit the Android and iOS platform. PUBG might finally get a run to its money. PUBG is one of the best survival in which you require to survive the battleground without being killed. Well, the last player who survives in the game is called to be the winner of the game. This top multiplayer game in 2019 has taken all the people age group whether children, adults towards it and everyone used to play this game at any place and everywhere.

Now, let us look at some of the top PUBG like multi-player game coming to a smartphone in 2019 that will draw the attention of people towards them like PUBG as:

Apex Legends



Apex Legends

Apex legends have been creating a lot of buzz in the gaming industry in online multi-player space and the game’s creator has decided to reap its advantages of the game popularity and bring in to the mobile platforms soon. This upcoming Android game in 2019 is yet again the first person shooter game and will also have the team building modes and skills which you will be using in the game.


Call of Duty

Call of Duty


The whole gaming fraternity has been waiting for this game for a long time. This game is must play console and the PC game and it coming to the mobile platform very soon. Tencent has announced that the game will be coming very soon and even open it for pre-registration on Google play store.


H1Z1: Battle Royale


H1Z1- Battle Royale

Back in the September 2018 that Daybreak had announced that H1Z1 will be coming to the mobile platforms and it looks like 2019 when the game will be released for android smartphone and iOS users all over the globe. This is the best android game 2019 which is a fast-paced shooter game and has been developed for the console platform.


Battlefield V: Firestorm

Battlefield V- Firestorm


You might have recently caught the trailer of this game and the trailer and the story play of this game suggest that it is the battle royale game similar to PUBG game. Though DICE has not made any official announcement about the release of this game on mobile, there were reports that it was trying to create its mobile version for Battlefield 3.


Human: Fall Flat


Human- Fall Flat

Human: Fall flat is the physics-driven puzzle game with the platform elements and was the first to be released in 2016 before its way to console. In this game, you have to step into the shoes of Bob, an average guy with no superpowers or any other skills. The major goal of this game is to take Bob through his dreams which are full of surprises, dangers, and puzzles.

Forza Street



Forza StreetForza Street is free to play a racing game which is available for Windows (already) but is coming for Android and therefore is one of the upcoming mobile games 2019. This game is all about street racing and your goal with this game is to win events, after which you get the points to upgrade your old car to the new one to add it into your garage. This game will be quite interesting once you start playing it.


Rules of Survival


Rules of Survival

Well, if you have already played the PUBG game on your android smartphone, then you will love the rules of a survival game for sure. This upcoming game for Android is pretty much similar to PUBG game and you are dropped with 120 other players on an island. This game is easily available on Google play store as well as for the iOS store. In this game, you need to be the last man standing there, if you want to be the winner of this game.


Survivor Royale


Survivor Royale

Well, survivor royale replicates the PUBG mobile game in the most astonishing way. You will be facing hardly any difference between the PUBG and survivor royale game. The great thing about this game is that it features impressive graphics and great controls. In this game, you will be dropped with 100 players on the island and you will be the winner only if you were the last man standing out there.


Free Fire: Battlegrounds


Free Fire- Battlegrounds

This is another best multiplayer game for a standard like PUBG mobile ion which you have to fight with the 49 other users. However, this game come with various types of twist and turns but it is quite fun to play it. You will be given a 10 minute of a time frame to survive in this game. This game features impressive visuals and it will test your skills for sure. This game also has a house of voice chat feature that can be used to devise the strategy.


Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds


Bullet Strike- Battlegrounds

Bullet strike: Battleground is another major and will be the most popular multiplayer game: PUBG game(like) in which you will drop with 20 other players in the island and you have to be the last man standing there to win this game. This gameplay in 3D looks more amazing and is pretty much similar compared to every other battle royale grounds, but the gaming is having quite good controls.


Hope all the listed above multiplayer game will help you to get ready for new releases android games in 2019. Therefore, you can play any of these top 10 games like PubG for Android coming to your mobile devices in 2019 with your friends.