Top apps keeping calm

It becomes challenging to hold out during the turbulent moment. It is that moment when the body freaks out due to tension or maybe due to any fear. This article contains a reference to the products from various advertisements, which will give you an idea of calm apps. Whether you are dealing with the turbulence mid-air or on the ground, both virtual and literal bumps can be challenging to handle. Say it a stressful situation, anxiety at home, or anything else that is extremely overwhelming you. Here are few apps for stress management, which will help you get over your anxiety and stress; you can use it on a plane, at home, or anywhere else where you need to find some calmness. 

Insight Timer

Top apps keeping calm

With a complete library of thousands of free meditations, Insight Timer is perfect for those who are looking for a wide variety of options in reflections. Meditations vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes as focused on things like getting rid of the anxiety and will help you to sleep peacefully. With over 200 courses available, it is created by the great experts, neuroscientists, and psychologists, and course topics include everything from overcoming smartphone addictions to boosting up the confidence to a guided breathing session for the stressful times. The course may be of 10 days or 30 days depends on the requirement and the course. The app has sections dedicated to sleep, beginners, kids, music, and more; also, it is available for the meditation timers with the interval gongs or bowls. You can download this app from the app store or Google Play for online access to meditation for free, or you can pay for the pro package, which includes the options to download and access your meditation library offline and add new courses. 


calm app

This app has a special section for the kids, master classes, breathing exercises, and also have Calm Body features, which offers courses like stretching and warm-ups for you. This is a dynamic app for those who want to maintain a complete state of well and calm. The soundscape features include the melody of nature, lullabies, and even particular sounds for those who need to focus on their work. The sleep stories are a relaxing way to unwind before the bed, while in flight or at any other time. It is advisable for the people who travel frequently. You can download the free app from the App Store or Google Play. Premium access will give you access to over 100 meditations, exclusive music, and a full library to sleep stories; also, it adds a new account every week. 


Headspace app

This app helps you to manage your anxiety, sleeping soundly, and being more active or trying something new in their life. Based on the selection, headspace has created meditations and courses to fit according to your needs. Those who travel frequently can use this app to keep calm to themselves. It has another unique feature that is the sleep radio, which helps you to take full eight hours of sleep audio for those who have serious insomniac problems, which may wake up frequently and want to get sleep back and those fighting with the jet lag. However, you can take necessary sessions for free, but for daily new meditations and sound sleep to bedtime exercises, you can make the premier offer. Also, you can download this app from the App Store or Google Play.


shine app

It has a weighty focus on self-care, helping users to fight anxiety and be happier. This will help you to remind daily and will guide your mental health check-inn. This app also has a large community of followers where you can join for some positive interactions with others, and you can share how you are dealing with insomnia or how you get the confidence to boost this week. This app will ask you questions like how the day was grateful for you. This app also has a special coronavirus care toolkit features which provide you the free meditations and ask an expert section. You can download this app from the app store or google play, and for more features, you can take a premium version, which will give you access to the 600+ meditations, sounds and sleep stories. 

Bloom: Better You

Top apps keeping calm

This app will offer you mindfulness activities which can go beyond the thousand of meditations and breathing exercises. Along with this, it provides moon calendars, daily astrology updates, sleep assistance, and a variety of music options for the rest and focuses on your mind. It will give you a mandala feature which you can color using the digital colors. This app is available for free on the App Store or Google Play app. Also, you can get its premium offer for more exciting features.

Although you need to deal with your anxiety and stress by yourself, these apps for stress management will motivate you to manage your stress and turbulent moments very easily. These apps are the calm apps for the teachers as well since the teaching job is challenging and stressful, as you have to deal with the children all day. The smooth app review can be given to us by the mail. Stay healthy, stay calm!