Technology has become an important part o our lives and no one can deny this fact. The older people are usually not the first one to adjust, yet they too live with the times in the past decades. Some may see smartphone and tablets as something inevitable and only tolerate their gadgets in order to keep in touch with their friends and families, while other people are absolutely thrilled with new ways and emergence of the possibility that they may discover each day. Apps for smartphones or iPads make our lives easier and more interesting. But with the tens of thousands of apps on the market and more coming out in the near future, picking up the best app for senior citizens can be a quite daunting challenge.

But, we have compiled the top apps for senior citizens that will help older people to make their life much easier than ever as:

Car Finder AR



To parking lots can be quite a complex task in your day to day life you are trying to locate your car among hundreds of other vehicles that make you get frustrated even the most patience driver as well. But, with the help of this best app for the senior citizen in India, it makes the user get to find their vehicle with the worry of time. Car finder AR helps you to remember where you have parked out your car and therefore, it will not make your older ones to get disturbed and angry as well. This app uses the GPS from your mobile phone to give you the walking route or direction back to your vehicle.




This is another brilliant app for senior citizens in 2019. As the common notion of your age, your memory does not remain as sharp as it was once. Therefore, it has the tendency to forget simple things like where you have kept your books, your phone, glasses, medicine, etc. This best app for senior in USA citizens will help as the personal assistant and friend, where the users can load in their list of medications and set the reminder for them when they need to take them long. This app for senior citizens in the USA  can even make the status reports so that they can see how well they stuck to their medication regimen.




This is possibly one of the most important top apps for the senior citizens in 2019 to use in their day to day life. Today, a lot of the world is moving away from their parents and grandparents as a result, the parents are not able to see their children and even misses them out so much. With increasingly busy professional schedules, it usually becomes very difficult to visit them each time. Therefore, the Skype app has been made to make your children and parents feel at home. By using this best app for senior citizens in 2019, you can do the video calling, allowing them to see your face and surrounding anytime that will make them physically feel quite emotional and comfortable.


Calorie Counter


We all have one that grandfather who has a massive sweet tooth and bribes us with the chocolates to bring him the piece of cake. However, the chances of diabetes may increase coronary attacks and even obesity and many other health issues. For this reason, only, this top app for senior citizens in the USA will help you to take care of your grandparents or your parents as well. To counter this, it is important for the senior citizens to maintain a balanced diet, limiting the number of calories that are in taking in the day. This app for senior citizens with dementia will help them to keep their body and maintain their health in their own terms. Using this app, you can check the total no of calories you have taken with your food and drink and can work out accordingly.




This is another most devasting app for seniors living alone that contain more than 30,000 recipes which has been carefully compiled from the quality cooking sites. This app offers reviews, tips, and the pictures that are being shared from other users for each recipe. This app for senior citizens free can help to sync your shopping list for quick retrieval at the grocery store and can organize favorite recipes on this cooking app. This app also helps to let you browse by holiday and even go hands-free by using the voice control function titled as “cook mode” This recipe packed tool combines many valuable capabilities into one seamless app, then this can be quite a useful app for senior citizens.


Google home or Amazon Alexa



This is another most astounding app for senior citizens that run around the home. The control smart devices, play music, listen to the news, call friend, family or even the place Amazon orders just by using these voice recognition technology and apps have been the remarkable ones for the senior citizens as well as the younger ones too. Though by using this app, you can control the Google home or the Amazon Alexa products, once they are set up on the phone, you can perform many actions just by using your voice. This app for senior citizens for android especially, who have been disabled will help them to make their task quite easier and feasible.


Though this list is of no means, for there as many more list of apps for senior citizens are available in the market that will help your older ones to get out of the trouble in no means of time.