Top 8 Best Audiobook Apps

Are you thinking of joining the league of audiobooks, but are confused about where to start from? Don’t worry, and you have come to the right place. We have mentioned the best audiobook apps for android. Their subscription information is also mentioned with them, whether the apps are free or paid.

Right now, smartphone technology is changing the era drastically, and here’s the new change, or we can say a unique and advantageous development in the smartphone world. The smartphone platforms are becoming more useful day by day, and the next up utility is the apps to listen to your favorite books via these audiobook apps.

Most of the audiobook subscriptions offer a free one-month trial. Thus there’s no as such downside to giving audiobooks a try. Imagine listening to a murder mystery while you are working in the kitchen, or listening to fantasy while driving, or romance while you garden. Audiobooks don’t have to be replaced for print books, they are added. You can listen to almost 20 percent more books than you read.

Here are the top 8 best audiobook apps:

Amazon Kindle

Top 8 Best Audiobook Apps

Amazon Kindle is one of the world’s most popular app for ebooks, and it has native support for Audiobooks. Amazon also owns Audible, so most of the kindle’s experience ties with the Audible app. There are millions of audiobooks and regular books are available in the Kindle app. Additionally, you can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for seamless unlimited access to monthly and audiobook titles for around $9.99 per month. It’s an excellent platform for audiobook fans.


Top 8 Best Audiobook Apps

Audible is currently the world’s most popular audiobook app. The famous shopping app company Amazon owns it, so you know the selection is good. Here you can buy audiobooks on their own or can subscribe to some free books and discounts on others. The app works well enough on mobile, and it’s easy enough to listen anywhere. Overall, working on the app is simple; users need to login to the app, then you can start buying and looking at the books. Its price varies between free services or the number of books individually or $9.99 per month.


Top 8 Best Audiobook Apps

The app seems to be pretty straightforward in working. Users can sign up in the app and then buy the books, or users can also subscribe, get some books for free every month and get discounts on others. It has an extensive collection of audiobooks along with over 700,000 podcasts for a surprisingly engaging 2-in1 experience. It has some more features like downloading the audiobooks to listen offline with variable playback speed controls. Its price is $14.95 per month.

Google Play Books

Top 8 Best Audiobook Apps

Google Play Books recently added the option of audiobooks to its impressive list of features. It remains one of the best platforms for both regular reading and audiobook listening. Its library contains tons of audiobooks as well as regular books. This app doesn’t have any subscription kind of option, and users can buy their books, and its all theirs to read or listen. It also gets offline support and a night mode. The app is free, and buying books remains paid or open depends on the paper.

Kobo Books

Top 8 Best Audiobook Apps

This app is one of the biggest competitors of Google Play Books and Amazon. The app works almost similar to the Amazon Kindle app. Users can download and can purchase regular books or audiobooks. The main focus of this app is still regular books, but the audiobook thing is getting more and more attention now. There are few bugs here and there in the app, but overall its even a decent alternative to Amazon and Google.

LibriVox Audio Books

Top 8 Best Audiobook Apps

This is not a big audiobook platform, and it offers a collection of 24,000 audiobooks. But the deal here is that the audible is free of cost, this makes it a great place to score some cheap entertainment. You can search for the books, can read online or you can also download them for offline reading. App offers various utility features as well, such as bookmark, sleep timer, support for Chrome-cast as well as Android Auto. The free version of this app makes you watch some ads; to get rid off it, you can certainly upgrade it by paying $1.99.


Top 8 Best Audiobook Apps

It is an ebook and audiobook platform with some decent features. The subscription cost of this app is around $8.99 per month, which is lower than most of the other apps in the market, which means bang for your buck. Additionally, it offers a collection of over one million titles along with a reasonable amount of playback controls like a sleep timer. It also supports features like offline download support. It is a decent app and a good alternative to Amazon Kindle App and Google Play Books.


Top 8 Best Audiobook Apps

If free ebooks and audiobooks from legal sources are your interest, then you can take a look at Oodles. The app offers around 15,000 audiobook collections from the public domain. It takes some time to add the latest books or bestsellers. But the app has features like offline download support, and it supports two languages English and Hindi. Moreover, it’s a free app and has some in-app purchases, and it also shows some ads which the user has to bear.

So, these were some of the leading audiobook app available on the AppStore. Users can select one of these according to their needs. Happy listening!