Go For the Head

Despite all the heat and criticism this game has received, PUBG Mobile is still one of the most exciting and leading mobile games, mainly in India. While not everyone is a professional, most of the PUBG Mobile players in India play long enough to get their basics right. And most of them like to improve their gameplay in one way or another. So AppsToFollow team decided to list down five of the most common shooting tips that can help you hunt more enemies in the battle royale and maintain some amazing stats.

Go For the Head

There’s not a better way to kill an enemy in PUBG Mobile than a headshot. First, it will knock down your enemy in one or two shots. And second, it will improve your overall rating in the game. Notably, headshots work more effectively when given using bolt-action single shot guns such as AWM, M24, and Kar98K. So, now you know why Thanos told Thor, “ You should’ve gone for the head.”


It is frustrating to be out of ammo when you are under an enemy attack. That’s the story of every battle royale, not just PUBG Mobile. So, we recommend you to pick the ammo even if you don’t have a gun for that. It can help you in case you find the gun later somewhere. Also, you can set the limit for auto-pick ammo for a certain gun to avoid unnecessary clutter in your backpack. And you can also get an extra round of bullets when you pick up a gun and swap back to your original one. This actually means that you are taking out bullets pre-loaded on the spawned gun.


This is quite frustrating but that is why PUBG has a realistic appearance that many other mobile battle royales don’t. Gun recoils take time to be understood, but once you understand how different guns behave, you will be able to land more bullets on your target than usual. Recoil can be controlled with different gun grips (especially vertical grip) as well as flash hiders, compensators, and suppressors of different guns.

Use All Attachments

This is where you can stand out from the rest. By focusing on various gun attachments you pick. There are a total of five attachment categories including Muzzle, Sight, Foregrip, Magazine, and Stock. All of them differ with each gun you pick. While most of the players only focus on scopes and muzzles, it is important to focus on other attachments too. For example, an Extended Mag increases the clip count and a Quickdraw Mag allows you to reload faster but do you know a third category called Quickdraw Extended Mag that does them both.

Hip Fire in Close Combats

Scopes are only good for long distance games and not for close combats. That includes red dots as well as 2X scopes. Make it a rule to use hip fire in 10m or fewer enemy combats. While you think that pro player stream had it differently believe us, they never do it on close combats. Other than that, the more you practice, the more you learn.