Top 15 most powerful weapons in the Dc Comics universe.

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Here we will help you look through the 15 most powerful weapons in the Dc Comics universe.

 15. The Sword of God Killer – The great god slayer In the comics, the legendary God Killer sword was created by Hephaestus for Deathstroke – who wanted to assassinate an ancient Greek Titan.  However, because Titan was immortal, Deathstroke needed a magic sword to complete the quest. In addition to being indestructible, the sword can change its size and weight, can create massive explosions, and can absorb energy to double its power.  Change the shape, allowing Deathstroke to use it in many ways. He can even split the sword in half. 

 14. Sword All Blades Created by the mysterious All Caste warrior group, All Blades have special abilities to kill anyone who uses evil magic to harm people on Earth.  In fact, All Blades are two swords whose length and shape depend on the user’s wishes. The All Blades themselves are immaterial, disappearing when not in use and only capable of being summoned when their users are faced with absolute evil. 

 13. Soultaker Sword Perhaps the most famous sword in the DC Universe, Katana’s Soultaker Sword can draw the soul of anyone it kills.  The sword was created in the 14th century and was originally owned by a cruel samurai lord, the blade has accumulated thousands of souls over the years, including Katana’s deceased husband –  Maseo. When absorbed, Katana can use the power of those souls. Even the soul that forms the sword can help extend the life of its user. 

12. Cosmic Staff Used by many different characters over the years, Cosmic Staff was created by Ted Knight.  It constantly absorbs energy from the stars and converts it into energy that users can use to fly, create force fields, shoot energy forecasts and even create small energy structures.  . Although owned by many heroes, it is most famous as Courtney Whitmore’s main weapon, also known as Stargirl. 

11. Nth Metal Weapons A magical blend of magic and science, the Nth (Ninth) metal weapon used by the Thanagar people has tremendous power.  The most common of these is the demolition effect, which allows the user to fly. It can help heal, boost immunity, boost strength and speed. 

10. Khaji da Beetle Scarabs is a tool of advanced alien conquerors called Reach – who fired these living machines to planets across the galaxy.  Once attached to a host, the bug turns its host into an Reach army. The bug sent to Earth, known as Khaji Da, allows its owner to fly, create explosions, have limbs, can fire self-made bullets, heal, absorb darkness and light.  am, and even operate at its own will if needed. 

9. Neptune’s trident In Greek mythology, the sea god Neptune held a trident, a three-pronged fishing spear.  In the DC Universe, this same weapon has been passed down to the royal lineage of Atlantis. Just keep it, the owner completely controls all the Atlan people.  This weapon is currently being held by Aquaman. It is so powerful that it can redirect the entire current and control it according to the user’s wishes. In addition it is also a weapon used to stab, cut and block in close combat. 

8. Zeus’s Armor – The armor of Zeus Woman inheritance, a weapon against the dominance of the shadow gods.  But for some unknown reason, it was left to her brother, Jason, who learned that he could use the armor to access the power of all Greek gods.  So far he only uses the power of Ares, the speed of Hermes, the wind of Zeus, and the wisdom of Athena. Although this weapon has yet to show its full potential, it has been a formidable tool for anyone to use. 

7. Mageddon Although often mistaken for an independent character, Mageddon is actually just a machine.  Used as a world destroyer in an earlier era, Mageddon is a giant computer that can make our lives comfortable with basic functions, which are completely impossible.  Destroyed by the impact force. When truly threatened, Mageddon can self-destruct with an explosion. can destroy all physical reality at the same time. Its ability never seems to be activated because it can directly control anyone too close to it. 

6. Miracle Machine Invented in the 30th century, Miracle Machine was created to do the impossible.  Anyone who uses it can turn their thoughts into reality. But it is this ability that makes the Miracle Machine an extremely dangerous weapon, which can help the evil to grow if the user has a bad idea about the lives of others.  It has only been used a few times throughout its history, mainly by the Legion of Super-Heroes and only in fierce circumstances. It appears most notably in Final Crisis, when Superman is shot into the future and uses it to stop Darkseid and Superboy-Prime at the same time. 

5. Warworld Created by evil, barbaric aliens, with spiritual guidance that depletes the energy of others.  It could have slaughtered an entire planet without firing a single shot. Because of this, the device has built a crystal key for the user to control it.  Later, the satellite fell into the hands of the tyrant Mongul, who discovered the full potential of the space station. Since Warworld is so powerful, even Superman needs assistance in disabling it. 

4. Mother Boxes Large sized machines used by Gods of New Genesis.  It can integrate with other computers, non-electronic devices and even organic matter to further power its servers.  One of the main powers is the creation of Boom Tube, which allows the owner to teleport instantly. Mother Boxes has a mysterious connection with the owner that allows wound healing, calming the mind and disturbing the illusion.  When its owner dies, a box will automatically explode, but this rarely happens because Mother Boxes can even manipulate live energy in its server to keep them alive. 

 3. Power Rings Often called the most powerful weapons in the DC universe, the Lantern Corps groups with distinct colors all use the Power Ring with different power sources.  While most bracelets provide the user with basic power, namely flying, enhanced power and speed, the ability to survive in space and the infinite potential of rigid lighting structures, a  Certain colors also have additional effects. 

2. Mobius Chair Perhaps the smartest in the whole DC universe is New God Metron.  Assigned to accumulate all the knowledge in the universe, Metron created the Mobius chair, a floating throne capable of moving ‘slideways’ through time and space.  The chair itself is linked to the comprehensive knowledge of New Gods, meaning that anyone sitting in there has a deep knowledge of everything, including future events.  It even knows the true identity of the Joker. In addition, it has the ability to move the entire planet and even control the Mother Boxes.

1. Anti-Life Equation The most dangerous weapon in the DC Universe is not a sword, a gun or even a car.  Instead there is the amebious concept of the Anti-Life equation, an algorithm that exists with the hypothesis that freedom will not exist and that life is meaningless.  Separated and hidden in the human mind, this equation was created by Darkseid – who used it to completely control whoever hears about the equation. Darkseid also found from Anti-Life Equation the ability to change reality, allow him to be immortal, the ability to revive the dead, and even control the Antimatter Universe.  It has been changed in the universe after Flashpoint to be less dangerous and can only be used by specific individuals.