There are unlimited apps available in the Google Play Store at it has been grown to 2.5 million by the end of 2018. However, the usefulness of most of these apps is limited as per the taste of the users who are using them. Meanwhile, there are even some apps which offer the same features as well as functionalities. So there is no use of trying each of the apps at a time. This is what this article is all about. Here we have compiled the list of the 10 best new apps which you should install in your smartphone in the year 2019.


Checketry app is one of the most newer android apps which acts as the download manager for Android. This app acts as PC downloads instead of working as the on-device downloads. The users often use it as for Stream downloads with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and lots more. All the users need to do is just download the app on the PC or phone and sync it up and it is good to go. Not only this but also this app works along with the various type of files which include documents, videos, images, music, games, etc.

Omnia Music Player

There are lots of online music players available in the Play Store but listening to music in offline music player is something different as they are free from those irritating ads. Omnia Music Player is something which operates offline and has a very simple as well as a user-friendly interface. It supports all types of audio formats and has multiple features such as album arts, gapless play as well as gestures. Not only this but also this app offers a 10-band equalizer as well as Google Voice command support.

Gallery Go

Google has recently introduced this new app known as Gallery Go. This app is kind of a compressed as well as the offline-capable version of Google Photos. The users can view all their photos in an offline mode unlike Google Photos and it even works along with SD cards. The app has the auto-enhance feature for the users who do not like editing or who do not have the editing knowledge.


Scribbl is like a diamond for the Instagram addicts out there. This app allows the users in drawing beautiful animations on the top of their images for making their Instagram stories unique than others. Scribbl is loaded with a bunch of various animation styles and the users can even change the colours as well as the transparency of these animations.

Night Vision

Night Vision is also known as ToF Viewer which is a unique camera app. The app does not work with the normal camera sensor. Night Vision app works particularly with the time of flight sensor. Not only this but also the users can view various other things such as confidential information, depth information as well as edge detection.


If you want to have a track on your sleep then Rise is the go-to options for you. Rise is basically sleep management app which is consists of four different techniques such as Mindfulness Meditation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Guided Imagery as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. It also have a sleep diary through which you can keep a record on your progress. It also comes with a pro version which is much more effective. With the help of the Pro app, you can unlock over 120 sleep routines and can access as per your sleep patterns.


Ruff is a note-taking app which works with a different as well as a unique approach. Ruff comes with a big notepad file where the users can note down whatever they want to. If you are a creative writer, then you need to go for this app as you can use lits and various other longer-form notes. The free version of Ruff provides a big text page where you can note down your notes.


Pixtica app is for those who want to have fun with the normal camera of their phones. The app is featured with both manual controls as well as filters. So no matter whether you want to edit colorful Instagram post or just a simple picture, Pixtica will help you in all possible ways.

Battery Notch

As the name suggests, battery notch app will let the users use the notch as a battery indicator. So if the status bar of your phone is running out of your space, XDA senior member Croccio’s Battery Notch is the perfect app which you can install. The users can even hide the system battery indicator from the top bar.

Zoho Show

Last but definitely not the least Zoho Show is such an app which helps the users in creating professional as well as eye-catchy presentations from the phone itself. The app is loaded with lots of templates which are quite easy to use. It also has a couple of formatting options such as font selections, alignment and various other editing options. The presentations which are designed on Zoho Show can be easily synced to the laptop with the help of Zoho account.

So these are the top 10 new apps of 2019 which you can go for. Please let us know in the comments section below which app did you like the most.