Top 10 fitness Trackers for Kids 2019

Fitness has become a big business in recent years and this is partly due to general interest from many to improve their fitness and get into the shape. For this, a big thanks to the development in technology and most notably the emergence of fitness trackers. These trackers have provided a convenient way for the everyday person to keep track of their day to day activity with little no efforts.

This is return has also grabbed the attention of loss of parents, who see fitness trackers in 2019 as a great way to keep track of their children’s fitness as well as their own. Your kid’s current video game fascination does not only prevent them from real socialization but also helps to prevent them from keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, there are lots of best 10 fitness trackers for kids that will help you and your child to track their all day to day activities at one place as:

Garmin Vivofit Jr2


Garmin Vivofit Jr2: This is one of the most widely used and best fitness trackers for all the kids as it counts each and every activity that usually we perform in a day. This fitness tracker watch is made of durable rubber and comes in two sizes. They have also introduced the fun games to reward the children for hitting daily activity goals. Badges and new watch faces are unlocked as your kids will keep on achieving their daily activity goals by completing their tasks.

iBitz Kids activity tracker



iBitz Kids activity tracker: This is the best fitness tracker for kids who has low-cost pedometer which clips to nothing and interfaces with the app. All the game interaction happens on the mobile device and your child will have their character blast off and explore the galaxy in the spaceship powered by their small steps. This fitness tracker watch is helping to tracker stores 30 days of activity and has LED light on the device which blinks when syncs and include additional battery backup.

VTech Kidizoom DX2



VTech Kidizoom DX2: This is one of the best fitness trackers for kids and truly catches the attention with the touchscreen. This is quite different from boring fitness trackers as offered by the other kid’s fitness trackers in the USA. It has completely changed the smartwatch market by offering built-in games as well as voice recording features and thus makes use of its camera, voice recorder and motion sensor to add real-time fun to kid’s entertainment life.

Fitbit Ace



Fitbit Ace: Fitbit Ace is another kid’s fitness watch that aims for ages 8 or upwards. This watch has expected battery life of around 5 days but this will vary slightly by depending upon the usage. The display of kids fitness tracker is also black and white which means better blacks and possibly decreasing the battery drain as an OLED display which simply turns off LED where black is needed. The good news is that it only takes 1 to 2 hrs to fully charge so you or your child should not need to wait too long for using this device.




KidFit: kidFit contains the swappable wristband which is consist of silicon and comes in 4 colors like blue, pink, black and yellow. This little fitness watch has the snap bracelet that the tracker fits into which means it will help to tighten up on your child’s wrist very well. This wearable is splash resistant and has the battery life of up to 7 days and can be then recharged with the help of USB.

Leapfrog leap band



LeapFrog LeapBand: This is another waterproof fitness tracker band which turns active play and healthy eating into the game. For each healthy action, your child needs to perform such as jumping; running, wiggling, etc and they will earn points so that they can send on their beloved virtual pet. On top of all that, this is water resistant and also works as an analog or digital watch, so it is good to teach your child how to tell the time.

Fitbit Ace 2



Fitbit Ace 2: The Fitbit ace 2 is the dedicated tracker for kids which is durable, waterproof and thus comes in fun colors. While this is tough silicon band will last longer than the metal band on the original ace and with this will adjust to your child’s writs and overalls feel more comfortable. This is waterproof fitness tracker whose design means that the tracker can be worn in the swimming pool or the ocean as well. This will allows your child to see the limited stats like steps, badges, etc.



Sqord Activity Tracker

Sqord Activity Tracker: A sqord activity tracker is one of the most mesmerizing fitness trackers which merely can be called as a step counter. This is one of the best fitness trackers in the USA that we can have to motivate our kids which helps them to active play by awarding points for everyday healthy activities. These wearables track all sorts of movement and then convert it into all virtual rewards inside the smartphone app. This kids fitness tracker has some real-world science to the back of effectiveness of this tracker.

Kid Powerband



Kid Powerband: The kid’s Power band is another on this list which is one of the best waterproof fitness trackers that will help your kid to stay active and also help them around the world. By this way, your kid can get active and have fun which also helps to change the life of several malnourished children for getting better. After buying this kid fitness watch you can download the app on your mobile phone, your kids will then complete the missions given each day.

Nabi Compete


Nabi Compete: There are many kids fitness watch, but this one is the first which makes itself as the competitive brand. It works much like a traditional fitness tracker and thus uses the battery which lasts 3 months between changes. This kids fitness watch comes in the box with two identical bands which can help to communicate with a smartphone app to report on the activity. With head to head contest and collaborative tasks, this measures food to burn and challenges to kids like to run or walk.




Hope all these best fitness trackers in 2019 will help your kids to track all their activity from time to time and can match up to their expectation if they have set out something.