Are you eyeing for a good fitness band on a certain budget? Check out these top 10 smart bands to buy in India ranging from lowest price band of less than 3,000 INR, and going up to 30,000 INR

Being fit has turned into a trend since the world met stylish health-centered wearables. Now there are thousands of wrist gadgets called fitness bands. A variety of shapes and sizes available from diverse brands have flooded the fitness band market. While some people just want to track their steps, some want to monitor their heart rate. No matter how you use them, these fitness bands have certainly attracted the limelight with incredible features and sensors. So here we are with top budget fitness bands that can be your companion this festive season.

Range: 0-3000 INR



Here we have a great device just for INR 1599 that offers one of the best display in this segment. And it doesn’t stop just at the best display. You get best in line chipset, working memory, and touch. The device is enabled to perform numerous functions like heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, pedometer, call reminder, calories count, Distance detects, and calories burning etc. There are alerts for calls, messages, WhatsApp, Sedentary Remote Alert through a camera or anti-color display.

OMNIX (Rs 2999)

Next up we have Omnix, a fitness band that does blood pressure monitoring, step pedometer, heart rate monitoring and all the other things that EasyPro’s GETFIT. The only upper hand is that it is a waterproof gadget that also provides health statistics and provides 3-5 days of life on one charge.

Range: 3000-5000 INR

GOQii Vital(Rs 3,499)

Sporting an OLED color display, the Vital is capable of tracking your blood pressure, calories, heart rate, exercise logs, sleep patterns, active hours, and many more. The charger is integrated into the band, giving you the ease of plugging it in the power source without the need for an extra charger. You can get 7 days long battery on this swim-friendly waterproof smart band.

Honor Band A2 (Rs 3,499)

Coming from world’s third largest mobile vendor Huawei, the Honor Band A2 Sports an amazing OLED display capable of heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, smart notifications, and many more things. With a good 9 days long battery life, you also get a magnetic charging option allowing you to fully charge it in just 1.5 hours. There is also a silent alarm that only you can feel.

Range: 5000-10000 INR

Moov Now (Rs 5342)

This is one surprising fitness band that is more of a stylish accessory and less like a smartwatch. The device offers only activity tracker. There are no sensors for heart rate monitoring. What’s one step ahead is that it has a screen-less build and is capable of providing a battery life up to six months. The device is quite lightweight and offers most of the information on the phone app.

Amazfit Bip (Rs 8399)

The smartwatch lookalike is more of a fitness band than anything else out there. The device has a black and white screen to offer everything from heart rate tracking to activity tracking, GPS, and more for a whole month in a single charge. The stylish design is an eye-catcher and the waterproof band has an incredible build application.

Range: 10000-15000 INR

Garmin Vivosmart 3 (Rs 10,378)

Falling on the more expensive side of the fitness band market, Garmin Vivosmart 3 features a monochrome screen with stylish design. It has all the necessary sensors. The six-day battery life device is built especially for gym-goers rather than runners. Even without a built-in GPS, the device serves a high-end and accurate fitness tracking, making it the favorite for many people.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smartband (Rs 13,590)

It is the next version of the already popular Gear Fit fitness band. The gadget runs on Samsung Tizen OS which is its first plus point. Second, it has a 512MB of RAM as well as a 4GB of internal storage coupled with a dual-core processor clocking at 1GHz. The curved display smart band also doubles music player, if connected to a Bluetooth headset. The device is available with a built-in GPS that is water resistant up to 50m and tracks activities including, but not limited to, dancing, running, basketball, running, tennis, cycling, and hiking.

Range: 15000-30000 INR

Garmin VivoSmart HR (Rs 17,071)

Garmin has been among the best GPS navigation and sonar product makers. The accuracy speaks for itself and VivoSmart HR is an example of that. Unlike most of the high or low-end smart bands, this fitness band comes with a wrist-based heart rate tracking system without the additional strap for heart rate monitoring. A vigorous usage of the device can juice it up in 3 to 4 days. There are tons of activities you can capture such as calories burned, fitness activity intensity, steps taken, sleep tracking. And moreover, you can get all kinds of smartphone notifications on your device while controlling music from the smart band too.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro (Rs 27,999)

An impressive 1.5 inches of AMOLED display has everything a premium product should have. You get all the stats nice and clear on the big display and you also have a built-in GPS so that you can leave your phone at home while going for a walk. With one of the most accurate heart sensors, the waterproof device catches the most accurate readings possible with its wrist-based tracker. Gear Fit 2 Pro is the successor of Gear Fit 2, and the changes coming in will be received quite perfectly by high-end users.