Best Weather Apps to download in 2019

Humans have been obsessed with their ability to predict the weather, and it has changed over the years. The only difference is now the weather forecast has taken a digital form. Most smartphones come with a pre-installed weather app. They are equipped with all the basic functions, but in case you want something more, you can always download a weather app from the app store. 

Having a weather forecast on the go is no doubt very convenient. You can schedule your outdoor activities based on the accurate results generated by these apps. And the best thing is, you can access the entire months’ weather forecast all at once. It helps you avoid unnecessary natural obstacles in your daily activities.

Downloading the right app for your weather predictions is also very important. The very basis of Weather Apps is GPS. Weather apps use location services to give you precise forecasts. But this may not be completely reliable if the app isn’t authentic. Some popular weather apps like AccuWeather have been accused of selling the user’s data to a third party advertising firm. Covertly mining user data is against the privacy policies of an individual. It is unethical and illegal. 

And this is the reason why you should be vigilant while choosing your weather app. Customer reviews speak a lot about app performance. 

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If you are confused about choosing a weather app, do not worry. We have listed out a few of the best weather apps to download on your iOS or Android devices. With these excellent apps on your phone, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Your personal data is safe, and the weather predictions are accurate.

Top 5 Weather Apps for your smartphone

Dark Sky

Dark Sky weather app is one of the best apps when it comes to weather prediction. You can rely on it for precise weather forecasts every day. It keeps a constant track of the weather for you. This app is smooth and works like magic. And the best part is that it’s completely cost-free. Dark Sky interface is also very pretty, which makes your weather tracking experience fun. Furthermore, user data remains safe in their database. Dark Sky understands the privacy of its clients and intends to keep them safe.

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1Weather is known for its accurate predictions and is widely used by people all over the world. It has all the services you need in a perfect weather app. The design and layout of the page are perfectly built. Not only is the app beautiful and fun to operate but also very user-friendly. Functions are simple, which makes weather access an easy task. The results generated by this app are extremely reliable. The application is available on both android and iOS platforms. 

And 1Weather: Forecast and radar are designed to keep your user data safe. So without any worry, you can easily download this app from the app store.

You Can find it on Android and Appstore

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is very amusing in itself. Interestingly, this app has weather data from about 70 years in the past, stored in its memory. A lot has been put into building this app. Strong graphics and user-friendly design is just the beginning. When it comes to the weather forecast, there is no way that any other app can beat this. The beautiful design allows you to customize the widgets from your home screen. It is unbelievable that an ordinary thing like the weather forecast becomes a lot more amusing with Carrot Weather. Their transparency regarding their user privacy policies is the best thing. Download the app on your Android or Apple device from here.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground has been popular among many users for the accurate weather forecast it generates. It gathers data from various weather stations and provides you with the necessary forecasts. The vast access to weather stations helps this app in generating the most accurate forecast. With such varied knowledge, nothing can go wrong. A unique feature of Weather Underground is the severe weather alerts and the live radar feature. The best part about this smartphone app is that it provides crowd-sourced data. Weather Underground also offers other helpful analytical services. And y=if you are a little concerned about your data being stolen, don’t worry. Weather Underground application encrypts user data to protect it from misuse. Find it here for your smartphone- For Android users and iPhone Users.

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NOAA is the perfect app for people who like to study weather statistics seriously. It has a little bit of a geeky side, but who doesn’t love that? This app does not provide its users with just a precise weather forecast. In reality, it loads the user’s phone with detailed studies and information about nature. It receives all its data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, hence the name NOAA. If you are more into the mechanics of the weather, then this is the perfect app for you. Furthermore, user data is maintained confidential within the app. It is only used for better workings and accurate findings of the application. Download the app on your smartphone today: Android user and iPhone users


Weather plays an important role in planning our activities. And a better knowledge of the weather can help you a little. All these weather apps are extremely reliable and simple to use. 

In my opinion, the best apps would be Carrot Weather or Dark Sky. They are currently trending on smartphones, and you don’t get that position easily. They have beautiful designs and thousands of positive customer reviews. Either of these apps would be a great choice on your phone.

With any one of these applications, you can access accurate forecasts anytime, anywhere. The best part is, most of these apps are free of cost supported by a few ads. You can also get an ad-free version of spending a couple of bucks. Weather can be unpredictable. It can change drastically at unexpected times. Hence it is always handy to have a good application at your fingertips. These are some of the most reliable apps you can find on the app store. They are precise and also user-friendly!