The New Normal – Virtual Classroom

Due to our current day situations, it is impossible for students to attend schools and colleges on campus. This was put into practice for merely the safety of the students and people who are associated with them.

Had the schools and colleges opened right now the whole situation would have been big chaos and the cases would have reached their zenith.

Thanks to virtual classroom software students are still able to cope with the classes through their phones or any other electronic gadgets. In virtual classes, you can actually be in real-time contact with your teacher or professors.

You are able to see faces, voice your opinions and interact, clarify your doubts using the microphone or if you don’t feel comfortable talking and asking questions, you can easily type them out in the chatbox present on the software. This is a really good option in light of the circumstances.

Why Virtual classrooms?

Virtual classroom software brings participants from different parts of the world together in one place by just logging into the software. Anyone from anywhere can attend classes, meets, etc. This helps in the cutting down of travel and transport expenses.

Every type of digital media can be shared on the portal such as, PowerPoint presentations, videos, audios, images, etc. Application sharing helps in the interaction between the instructor and students. It is very suitable for training deliverables on really short notice.

This also encourages social interactions and learning. The sessions that are conducted can be recorded and can later be used for references.

What are the features of Virtual classroom software?

1) Document Sharing

2) Texting

3) Annotations

4) Classroom board

5) Polling

6) Application sharing

Document Sharing

The software has this very useful feature. It helps the user to share documents by displaying them via the share screen option and all the participants in the meeting can view it. The user has to choose the page or document he would like to show. In this way, you don’t have to send your assignments or activities through post or courier.

Text option

You can communicate, clarify anything with your instructor with the help of the chatbox present inside. You can either send it publicly so that everyone can see them or personally to your instructor as well.


These tools help in real-time drawing, depiction, or correction that makes explaining certain concepts to students easier, it also helps them grasp these concepts better through the shared texts or diagrams.

Classroom whiteboard

Though it cannot be a replacement for the actual whiteboard, it has done justice to it. The software provides you with of option of using the whiteboard option which is built in already. It is kind of similar to the actual white or flip charts.


It allows the instructor to ask questions in the form of a poll to the participants. They can ask any type of questions like MCQs, this or that, etc.

Application Sharing

The software allows sharing applications so that the participants are able to see the applications on their screens from wherever they are.

What are the benefits of using the software?

• It acts as a replacement for the traditional method of schools and colleges. This software saved the day for all teachers and students.

• This creates a safe and sound learning place as no one is near anyone.

• As videos, audio, power points can be presented it makes studies a bit interesting to students. Because virtual methods are easy to understand.

• It promotes collaborative learning through group activities, discussions, forums, online lectures, etc.

• Allows the learner to learn and understand better as they are visual methods.

• They offer 24/7 access to courses that do not depend on the proximity to the organization or school.

• It is more convenient to make use of.

• The flexibility allows the students to complete their work and other responsibilities.

• It facilitates the learning process of students without any problems that is caused by the pandemic.

• online learning has no geographical boundaries.

• It saves time for the learner.

•Virtual classes help with efficient learning from home. It helps students focus better from their home.

•Students can take help and make use of the resources anywhere anytime.

•It is more effective than the traditional method.

•This is accompanied by various teaching aids and methods.

• The leading educational institutions leverage virtual classroom benefits to set define students. It helps in the establishment of a daily routine.

• You can get your scores immediately in no time. You can take a look at where you’ve gone wrong also in this software.

Virtual classroom software has been a really great help to everyone and has proved to be more effective and efficient than expected. It has given great results regarding academics.