The Best Portable Laptop Battery Chargers and Power Banks in 2019 2

Are you looking for the best laptop power bank, but have no idea which is good for you? Then, don’t worry!! You have come to the right place where you will get various different types of portable battery for laptops that will help you to choose one best among them. When you go out shopping for the battery charger, then it is crucial to find one which can store enough power to top up or even recharge whenever your laptop is running low. Getting a power bank for your laptop in 2019 can be quite a difficult task for you as you might have no idea about it. If you have been considering getting your hands on the new portable laptop charger, then you have come at the perfect place. Think about, saying goodbye to rushing through a project before your laptop runs out to be 1% charge and your phone dying mid-tweet or the extreme pain of your tablet dying before.

Even the best laptop for graphic design cannot even save you out from this condition if you do not find a plug. The entire concept about having the laptop is so you can be connected everywhere when you go, but sometime your laptop battery life might have other plans that mean shutting down majorly at the time meeting. Portable laptop chargers will help you to power up, but selecting the right one to purchase can be quite complex. The best power bank or the charger work with the variety of system which is lightweight and have the proper outputs that are being required to juice up your device. The laptop power banks have now been playing an essential role in our day to day busy life. If you use the laptop on the go and require power bank for it, then you may have few of laptop power bank in 2019 in the Indian market and you might be little confused which one to opt for.

Let us look at some of the best 7 power bank laptops chargers that will help you not to stop working at the meetings or any other important slot as:

Mophie Powerstation AC


Mophie Powerstation AC: This is one of the most popular and best laptop power banks in the USA which is the beast that can charge just above every device in your bag. Best of all, you can use all these outputs at once to charge three separate types of devices. The major drawback of this power bank is that it is not cheap and fairly heavy. It weighs about 26.7oz, the power station AC will have to live in your bag instead of at your pocket. It is wrapped up with the fabric finish and allows for pass-through charging which will give your device priority before charging internal cell.



Wayona 20000mAh Multi-Voltage Laptop Power Bank

Wayona 20000mAh Multi-Voltage Laptop Power Bank: This is one of the cost-effective laptop power banks available in USA and India which comes with two output ports for the greater versatility and 1USB port to charge your mobile devices. This claims to fully charge the laptop 1 time and the smartphone devices for about 10 times. This power bank offers 20,000mAh capacity and its weight is about 1KG. This top laptop power bank also offers a 1yr manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase which is the additional benefit in it. This comes with multiple connectors to charge different kinds of laptops.

Jackery PowerBar

Jackery PowerBar: If you are looking for the cheapest power bank for laptop in USA and India, then this is one of the best options for you to choose. It provides the 85W output with the 20,800mAh built-in battery for around half the price with other power banks. The sacrifice that you make by using this brand is the slightly lower capacity and the 85W cap. This laptop battery charger also includes support for 5V at 2.4A (USB-A) and the 3A USB-C quick charge standard.

YouVogue Portable External Power Bank for Laptop

YouVogue Portable External Power Bank for Laptop: This is another prominent laptop battery charger which comes with the optional voltage of 5, 7, 4,12,14,16 and 19V. For different types of laptops, it also comes with the charging connectors and therefore the users can use it with HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Dell, and many other popular brands. It has huge 20000mAh battery capacity for charging the laptop and also supports mobile phone, routers, monitors and many more devices.

MAXOAK MKT-K2-50Ah Laptop Power Bank

MAXOAK MKT-K2-50Ah Laptop Power Bank: This is another best power bank laptop charger which has 50000mAH and has 6 output ports, among which one is used for a laptop with 20V/3A and another is used for digital cameras. This also has improved safety technology and all these features make this portable laptop power bank the best power bank for laptop in 2019. It usually weighs a little bit heavy as it is of 1.26kg in weight. The major benefit of this power bank is that it has huge battery capacity, numerous connector pins, and premium finish. And on the other side, the drawback of this power bank is that it has a bulky design, no USB type C-support.

Anker Powercore+

Anker Powercore+: Between the Bluetooth speaker and the portable charging option, this is another best power bank in the USA that has a lot to offer the space of mobile tech. This is a sizeable charger for any tech but the fact that it provides USB type C power delivery which means it is the best option for charging Macbooks and other USB C devices. This portable battery for laptop contains both USB C ports and the USB A ports and the compatibility with this power bank will let you charge anything from Android to iPhone devices.

PowerOak Laptop External Battery Charger

PowerOak Laptop External Battery Charger: Next up, there is another high capacity top power bank for a laptop that has 50,000mAH external battery measures. This is the pack of powerful punch into the small package and makes for the great road trip companion. But, due to the high voltage factor, this device is not approved for air travel. This power bank offers six output ports each of which has a different voltage to accommodate the changing requirements of the wide range of the devices. This portable laptop power bank contains one 20V/5A port for the usage of laptops, one 12V/2.5A port for digital cameras, two 5V/2.1A and two 5V/1A USB ports for tablets and smartphones.


These were listed one of the top power banks for laptop in the USA that will help users to keep up-to-date their battery especially while being in the meeting or any other purpose.