Ming-Chi Kuo, the Analyst of Apple has finally revealed that the most affordable phone of Apple which is named as iPhone SE 2 is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2020. Not only this but he also revealed the expected price of the phone which will cost $399. Ming-Chi Kuo has even said that the phone will run by the A13 processor. A 13 processor by the Apple is included in the same unit which powers the iPhone 11. Having said that RAM may decrease to 3 GB.

He further said that the hardware of the iPhone SE 2 will portray the iPhone 8 Not only this but also he has predicted that the brand will be selling almost 30 to 40 million units across 2020. As per the reports shared by Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple iPhone SE 2 will be coming in three different colour variants and they are Silver, Red as well as Space Grey.

Now again coming to the price point of view, the price of the iPhone SE2 seems to be quite reasonable as it will be priced at $399. The first generation of iPhone SE was priced at $349. Then the brand has sold the iPhone 8 with the starting price of $449. Now coming to the rumours of iPhone 8, reports say that the brand is planning to stop the production of iPhone 8 after the launch of the iPhone SE 2.

Now coming to the specification which has been shared by Ming-Chi Kuo let us have a look on it.


Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned, “For the most part, the form factor design and hardware specs are similar to iPhone 8’s” which indicates that the design of the iPhone SE 2 is similar to iPhone 8. The company has adopted the iPhone X style here along with the full screen as well as Home button-free design.

This design will especially make happy who are willing to upgrade into a new iPhone but are less interested in Face ID as a way for unlocking their phone.

Having said that, it does not mean that the upcoming iPhone SE 2 will be small in terms of size as most of the people are expecting. Kuo said that the iPhone SE 2 will be having the same dimension as the iPhone 8.

However, we are not sure as a report mentioned that the new iPhone SE 2 might be smaller in design as compared to the current iPhone SE but with a larger 4.2 in the display.

So through this, you can understand that 4.2 inches of the display is still smaller as compared to 4.7 inches of display on the iPhone 8.

iPhone SE 2 Specs

Now as per the rumors here we have analysed the expected specs which will be having in iPhone SE 2.


As per the reports, the iPhone SE 2 will be having 4.2 inches of display size as we have already mentioned above rather than the current one which is having 4 inches of display. The extra 0.2 inches is designed to reduce the size of the bezels. However, it is not like the iPhone X which is having a screen which stretches to the bottom of the phone and hence there is no such home button. So we are expecting a Home Button here on the iPhone SE 2.

Some experts suggested that the brand will not change the design of the iPhone SE 2for such a minor change in the dimensions of the phone’s screen.


Ming-Chi Kuo also mentioned that the iPhone SE 2 will be coming with the A 13 processor. The phone will be offering 3 GB of RAM. A 13 is the same processor that we have earlier found in iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro as well as iPhone 11 Max.

The phone featured with the A9 chip. It was used in iPhone 6S. Along with the iOS 13 needing the iPhone 6S or newer, it will be very surprising to see if the brand uses a processor which is older than the A11 Bionic which was found in the iPhone 8.


We will not be much surprised if the brand re uses the old camera systems which they have already used in iPhone 11. The previous-generation iPhone was launched with the same camera as the iPhone 6S. There is the 5 MP to 7 MP face time camera along with Retina Flash which could replace 1.2 MP Face Time camera in the recent model.

The 12 MP camera will be having the f/2.2 aperture. On the other hand, iPhone 8 consists of an f/1.8 aperture. The main difference between the iPhone 8 as well as the iPhone SE 2 is the lack of the camera bump. We expect the upcoming iPhone SE 2’s backside will be flat.


The battery quality of the iPhone SE 2 is has been improved quite a lot from 1,640 mAh to 1,700 mAh. This ultimately means that the phone may power a slightly larger display.

Face ID

The reports also said that the phone will be featured with the Face ID again. This is the great feature as Apple does not use Face ID in the low budget phone. The users will be getting the edge to edge screen as well as no button. Ming-Chi Kuo said, “the form factor design, as well as hardware spec, are similar to iPhone 8.”

Apple is also expected to use Touch ID which they generally used in the MacBook Pro line up.

3D Touch and No wireless charging

Similar to the iPhone 8, the users will not be getting any wireless charging in iPhone SE 2. Having said that, to want to compete with the other smartphones in the market in the year 2020, the brand may surprise its users along with a basic feature along with the 3D Touch.

The brand is also planning to come up with the major updates to its flagship devices in the year 2020. Kuo even predicted that the users who are using iPhone 6, as well as iPhone 6s, may upgrade to iPhone SE 2 as soon as the phone hits the market. This is only because of the value proposition of the phone. So the people who are willing to purchase the low budget iPhone can purchase this phone by next year.