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Twitter Voice Tweets are now live on its platform- 280 characters are not enough!

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Twitter has rolled out a new feature in which you can record audio and attach them to your tweets you are posting said to be Twitter Voice Tweets. In the announcement today, Twitter said voice messages “will add a more human touch...

Watching Porn in Incognito Mode? Google and Facebook Are Still Watching You.

The “incognito” mode was supposed to keep the secret. But unfortunately, the so-called “incognito” mode does nothing but just stops your smartphone or laptop from saving the browsing history. A study has just revealed that Google, Facebook, and Oracle Cloud are keeping the track...

Twitter now will have Live Broadcasts on the Top of your Timeline

Twitter has completed one of the majors, most awaited integration of new feature with its live video app periscope this Wednesday. Twitter will now put live streams and broadcasts started by accounts you follow at the top of your timeline, making it easier to...


How to Unsend Gmails on Android

How familiar are we with that situation in the intern when an unwanted mail reached an unwanted recipient? That case is pretty bad, right?...

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