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YouTube Likely To Reduce The Video Quality Worldwide For The Users.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, people are staying home. As it spreads from person to person, so people are staying home and maintaining social distancing. Curfew has been imposed in India, so all the citizens are staying at home. So, now with the more people...

WhatsApp will stop working on various mobile phones from December 31, 2019. Is your phone on the list?

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced that it will soon stop working on numerous mobile phones all across the world as they have reached the end of their supported lifespan. This clearly means that the mobile phones which are very old could not be able to access this...


Candy Crush Friends Saga Launched: It is King’s Sweetest Game

A new version of Candy Crush is out on all mobile platforms and the CEO Riccardo Zacconi is calling it the biggest release for...