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Realme 5i Launched.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi and Realme are competing with each other in the market. Both smartphone manufacturers have been launching new smartphone models at an unusually fast pace. The latest smartphone to strike the market is the Realme 5i. Realme 5i is...

Realme 5i Spotted Ahead Of Launch.

Realme mobile phones are the new mobile phones of the new generation. Though the manufacturer is a Chinese company still, it got so much fame all over the world with its best features and camera quality. Realme was officially established on May 4, 2018, by Sky...


Facebook ‘Privacy-Focused’ Vision is a Diversion

Facebook has been under fire for its weak security and privacy terms. The recent past has not been so great for the company and...
Android 9/Android Pie

Android 9/Android Pie