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Apex Legend Mobile Confirmed by EA and PUBG Banned in China

Apex Legends Mobile Confirmed by EA and PUBG Banned in China
The new battle royale Apex Legends is already a hit on Xbox One, PS4, and PC but now the game is entering a whole new market space with a whole new platform. The EA CEO Andrew Wilson told that the company is looking for...

PUBG Mobile Banned in Nepal – Bombay High Court Also Looking Strict Towards It

PUBG Mobile is now fighting bans in multiple countries. The recent news revealed that Nepal is banning the popular Battle Royale game while Iraq and UAE are looking to do the same. Indian parents have been continuously asking for the ban due to some...


DuckDuckGo vs. Google: The Best Search Engine for You

Since a long time, there is no denying that we (users) have been using the Google search engine and have found it best from...