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FACEBOOK Is Developing Its OS To Reduce Dependence On ANDROID.

Facebook is working on its own operating system. In order to reduce the dependency on the operating system, facebook is taking this step. The OS team of Facebook is being led by the Mark Lucovsky, who is an ex-Microsoft executive, who is...

Facebook To Be Fined For $5 Billion By Federal Trade Commission Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

As per the latest reports, the Federal Trade Commission has fined Facebook for roughly $5bn to settle the privacy violations investigation launched after the Cambridge Analytica revelations. Citing anonymous sources, the Washington Post, as well as the Wall Street Journal, reported on Friday afternoon that...


5 Bookshelf Speakers that Lower The Stress, Not The Bank Balance

From time to time, we all love to shake the thing up and little and categorize our product reviews as per to their retail...