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DinoTrek Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

Almost from the start of science man has been curious, inquisitive and immensely interested in the dragons for yesteryears – the dinosaurs. This inquisitiveness has inspired multiple games, movies, animated films etc. then why should the VR industry stay behind. By now I’m sure...

7 Best VR Apps for Kids 2018

From Keanu Reaves in the matrix to everyone’s favorite Jarvis from The Marvel universe, virtual reality has always been everyone’s favorite future concept. It might have been a distant dream before but thanks to the ever-evolving IT industry, VR has now reached our very...


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5-inch (2019) vs. Apple MacBook Air

Xiaomi has built a strong laptop portfolio in its home market China. Inspired by Apple’s MacBook series, Xiaomi has been launching laptops under the...