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InMind Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

InMind Virtual Reality Apps for Kids
Everything You Should Know About InMind Virtual Reality Apps An experimental project by Nival, InMind, is an arcade game VR with a major twist. This arcade game is as different and unique in comparison to other games as it gets. This game doesn’t shoot...

Allumette Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

Allumette Virtual Reality Apps for Kids
Gone are the days when 3D movies were seen in the theater only. And 3D was the most awesome thing to experience. Allumette is a step into the future of story-telling. This story is a first person view into a small girls world up...

7 Best VR Apps for Kids 2018

From Keanu Reaves in the matrix to everyone’s favorite Jarvis from The Marvel universe, virtual reality has always been everyone’s favorite future concept. It might have been a distant dream before but thanks to the ever-evolving IT industry, VR has now reached our very...


Best Cyber Monday Deals That Are Live Now

Missed out shopping on Black Friday sales? Maybe it’s time for a second chance. Stop regretting the miss out on Black Friday deals and...