Spotify has quietly launched its services in India 6 days ago and as it is about to complete a week here, the app already has over 1 million users according to the music streaming company. A representative confirmed the news by telling that the company has over 1 million listeners including premium and free subscribers in India. Launched 10 years ago in Sweden, Spotify is a globally known freemium audio streaming platform launched by Spotify AB. There have been some delays in the launch but it is finally in India.

Spotify has over 40 million soundtracks streaming every day in its library. The music streaming platform has a huge name around the world. But is it late to reach India? The music streaming is not a big thing in India but who knows Spotify's arrival turn up the game a bit.

You cannot compare the company’s growth in India with other countries since it rarely gave out any numbers that quick anywhere else. However, if we have to count it down, this might not be the start expected from Spotify India given how other music streaming services such as Gaana and JioSaavn are doing in the country.

Talking about total numbers, Deloitte and Indian Music Industry IMI stated last year that India actively has around 150 million subscribers of music streaming services out of which only 14% use premium services by either bundled with their data plans or by signing up for Amazon Prime to use Amazon Music. The numbers are very low for premium users who want to pay for streaming services. Gaana alone had 75 million active users then. Amid this, we can say Spotify has only hit 1% of the streaming audience and premium user count will be quite low.

Legal Issues with Warner Music Affecting Spotify India

One of the major reasons for Spotify India launch delay is the ongoing legal battle with Warner Music. The issues are still not resolved due to which the Spotify India app has access to limited songs of artists such as Linkin Park, Pharrell Williams, Led Zeppelin, Steve Aoki, Lukas Graham, Beyonce, George Michael, Madonna, Radiohead, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Twenty One Pilots, Justin Tranter, SlashChris Stapleton, and many more. Most of the songs from these artists currently available are because of features from other artists on their songs. There are compilations available for some of these artists but it all boils down to that Spotify and Warner Music are still not on the same page.

Spotify Premium Charges in India

Spotify has been quick to understand that its Indian version needs to focus more on regional content apart from Hindi and that’s why you get an immense collection of Punjabi, Telugu, and Tamil music in Spotify India.

Spotify has been wise to lower down its rates in India as compared to the US and UK subscriptions. There is a similar 30-day free trial of Spotify Premium, after which you can pay Rs 119 a month for Premium services which include Unlimited streaming, Offline Downloading, Ad-free Streaming, and a lot more.

Spotify also launched several other prepaid Premium packs such as Rs 13 pack for 1 day of premium services, Rs 39 for a week-long subscription, Rs 129 for a month, Rs 389 for 3 months, Rs 719 for 6 months, and finally Rs 1189 for an annual subscription to the premium services. Alternately, you can use the app for free as long as you want but with ads and also with Shuffle-Only option.

Availability and Other Music Streaming Services

For now, Spotify is available for free download on Android, iOS, Windows 10 PCs, Sony PlayStation, Android TV, Microsoft Xbox, macOS devices, and via web browsers. It is also compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

To compare its prices with other paid streaming services, JioSaavn offers an Ad-free subscription at JioSaavn Pro for Rs 99 per month whereas Gaana Plus also charges Rs 99 a month for its premium services. Other than this, Amazon Music comes bundled with Amazon Prime for Rs 999 per year and last we have Google Play Music that charges Rs 89 per month for its premium services.