Sony is now aiming strikes at its competitors in console making by announcing a plan to launch a new and powerful machine in the coming days.

Taking off the lid from the upcoming PlayStation 5 (PS5), the company claimed that its new product will bring a revolution in gaming consoles. Claimed to bring a high-end class of hardware, features, and technology, the console is coming to encourage a great gaming experience.

Although the PS5 development has been confirmed to be on the last stages of completion, Sony is unlikely to launch the device in the market before next year. However, considering the features and hardware reportedly coming in the new console, it may be worth all the wait.

Below we have collected the list of features that are confirmed for being a part of the PS5. These features were confirmed by the lead architect of PS5, Mark Cerney in an interview with The Wired.

8-core Ryyzen APU

The new PS5 is taking a leap from the current generation of Jaguar CPUs as a console maker is looking to bring more power to its gaming machine. In an attempt to that, Sony is introducing the new AMD’s futuristic third-gen Ryzen APUs. The most interesting thing about this new chip is that its the first mainstream x86 architecture chipset built with the whole new cutting edge tech of 7nm process.


We know that AMD APUs have preinstalled on-chip graphics, but PS5 is surely not going to depend just on it for the great gaming performance it’s talking about. That’s why it brings on-board one of the most complex computing architectures named Navi range of GPUs. Built on the next-generation Radeon Navi tech from AMD, these are also not launched in the market yet similar to its predecessor the third-gen Ryzen GPUs from AMD. However, they are claimed to be a big step-up over the current generation of GPUs installed inside the PS4 units.

Support for Ray Tracing and Backward Compatibility for PS4 Games

As expected from most of the next generation gaming techs, they don’t want to kill the fun of the games you currently play on consoles. PS5 is also not going to ruin that as it confirms to support backward compatibility. This seems the result of a simple trick as both PS4 and PS5 are of the same x86 tech. However, the Ray Tracing part is more interesting.

It was all an Nvidia GPU trick till now that we usually see on the high-end RTX series cards. But, with Mark Cerney’s claim about support for Ray Tracing in PS5, we think AMD has worked its way around to figure out how the technology works and how it can use it in its future graphics chips.

Fast SSDs, Support for 8K Graphics, and More

PS5 is not stopping here with the graphics. The next-level gaming will also have support for 8K graphics. Moreover, the improved gaming experience claim is backed up by the 3D audio support and introduction to the fast SSD. While 8K graphics and 3D audio are still enough for a next level gaming machine, the introduction of SSDs will change everything in the game.

We have seen this in PCs how SSDs help in boosting computer speed and overall performance. With Sony introducing SSDs instead of mechanical hard drives, we can already bet on the new console outperforming every current gaming consoles out there by a huge margin.