In the race of being innovative and creative, globally renowned tech companies push their limits beyond imagination. And that is what Sony is capable of pulling off. In the recent reports about the tech giant, a leaked patent copy has surfaced on the internet claiming that the company might be working on a transparent and foldable smartphone design.

We know that 5G is coming in 2019, then we know that there is a hole-in-display lined up for tech lovers, then we are about to see the recently grown multi-camera concept on the next level and last but certainly not the least is the heavy RAM devices like the recent ones with 10GB RAM.

Dual-Screen Transparent Displays

While many companies already have plans to launch products earlier in 2019, Sony has plans for next level innovation. Sony Mobile has not been part of the major mobile market for years now, but the new leaks have justified why the company has been quiet for so long. We should not forget that Sony has been one of the greatest suppliers of the smartphone industry.

The premium-looking flagship devices from Sony Xperia Z series still own their spark of beating any other smartphone of their generation.

But if you have been missing the Japanese company, here it is to steal the limelight again. It appears that Sony is eyeing for a big leap over other smartphone manufacturers. While the smartphone companies are in talks of a foldable smartphone, Sony is looking for a TRANSPARENT and foldable smartphone, one bit better than the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Apple.

A digital media agency LetsGoDigital somewhere found a patent filed by Sony way back in May at WIPO. The patent file describes quite an intriguing device. Published at the end of last month, this patent shows a dual display smartphone (front and rear) designed to function in six different ways including three for the rear and three for the front. Basically, the modes are for going transparent, semi-transparent, and non-transparent.

Apparently, Sony will provide you the power to switch one display to non-transparent mode while keeping the other one transparent. Both the screens will be able to work independently. The company has also mentioned some transparent rollable display, something we all have heard before.

This nowhere implies that the Japanese company is eyeing for a new smartphone launch in 2019. But Sony is not a company you want to compete with when it comes to premium gadgets, whether it is a camera, or a high-end headphone, or a smartphone.