The two of the most popular and most used social platforms are always up for making things better for their users. In the same attempt, here are the latest updates Facebook-owned Instagram and WhatsApp are bringing.

Instagram To Help You Use Less Instagram

We have a new reporter in the town called the Dashboard and it will report all the time you spend on Instagram. Instagram is rolling out a feature to let users know the time spend on the app OR to let users realize how much time they are wasting on the social media platform.


Named as Your Activity in the Dashboard, the segment dedicated for the purpose, can be found on the top right menu. The insights will include the average time you spend on the app during the day along with the time you spend while scrolling through posts.

Wait, there is more. The app will now also help you manage your screen time with options to limit your daily usage time. Just set your desired time- say 30 minutes per day and it will stop working after 30 minutes, informing you about the daily limit.


There is a little pop-up box on your screen that alerts you after your time is up, with a message that it is time to stop scrolling. BYE.

After the reactions Instagram is getting worldwide for being the most damaging social network for the young generation, this move will be received interestingly.

WhatsApp Makes Contact Sharing Easy

Those times are finally long gone when you used to share contact number digit-by-digit with someone. Though it was easy to send contacts on WhatsApp even before this latest update, the new update will now let you share whole contact detail through QR code. This simple but one of the much-required feature for an instant messaging app today was first spotted by a fan site WABetaInfo that keeps an eye on all the latest WhatsApp features that are first launched under testing for Beta users.

WhatsApp QR code is also designed to be revoked anytime in order to stop it from further sharing the info.

Notably, QR codes are not the first time on WhatsApp. If you have used it, you would know that WhatsApp needs a QR code from your phone to login into the WhatsApp Web built for desktops.

WhatsApp is reportedly working on several new features. Testing for the same will start soon. These new features include picture-in-picture mode, dark WhatsApp mode, private reply mode, and custom WhatsApp sticker mode.

If you want to try them out, you can become a beta tester and update the app. Being a beta tester, you have to accept the bugs and crashes in the app, if any. This can make the app unstable or even generate problems in your smartphones. The beta version comes with several risks, so, it is better to wait for the actual update.