Snapchat has introduced for its users an another AR lens which is called Time Machine. This feature will help its users in showing how they will look when they turn older. Yes, we already know that age filters are not new on the internet and this filter has already become popular when Facebook has introduced its FaceApp a few months back. Having said that, the lens is up for its users all across the world from today. The Time Machine app will allow its users to change their appearance in terms of their age by dragging the slider all across the screen. Now the Snapchat users will go crazy by experimenting the app with just sliding the lens screen.

Snapchat’s Time Machine lens is quite different as compared to the other age filters as the users can go back in time or ahead in time. The first and foremost stage is the Snapchat’s baby lens which came earlier this year. The lens further progresses and ends with an old age look. However, only the baby, as well as the old age look, shows the exact results as the other stages do not show many changes. Earlier the Snapchat became the strongest rival of Facebook in the world of social media. But after Instagram come up with some of the amazing features, its charm got withered away. Just an hour ahead of its launch, it has given early access to the lens. The users now can access the feature from the Lens Carousel which is situated just below on the camera section. The Time Machine option is situated at the beginning of the Lens Carousel from the right side. The users can click a photo along with the time machine lens and then they can adjust their age. Having said that, for the Android phones, the slider which is used for Time Machine lens is not available and here the users can click photos from any of the five groups. On the other hand, the iOS version of the app is featured with the typical slider bar for the Time Machine lens. The company has claimed that over 70 per cent of its users tend to play with its lens to transform their looks. In the month of October, the company reported that it had added over 7 million daily active users in the latest quarter and this is all because of the baby filter. The company has also uploaded a short video on how this feature works.