Smart alternatives for Camscanner – Let’s uninstall Chinese apps!

I am sure we have all heard about an app created to identify the Chinese apps on your phone. That app is pretty good (just saying). We have seen the WhatsApp forwards asking us to uninstall Chinese apps and to boycott Chinese products. The thing is they are cheap, and they are everywhere. China is the biggest exporter of raw materials like steel, electrical goods, textiles and data processing technologies. It begs the question why should we uninstall Chinese appliances like camscanner app from our probably Chinese phone?

Well, let me try to answer this question.

Outbreak of Coronavirus

Popular Chinese apps like camscanner app have become part and parcel of our life. People are angry at China for neglecting the Coronavirus in the beginning and spreading it to the world. The world is facing the darkest times, and it’s understandable to blame China. We are all unsure of the future, and it is making us angry.

Tensions between China and India

We were rightfully outraged and saddened by the news of 20 soldiers who lost their lives in the clashes in Indo China border. With the increasing tensions between China and India in the borders, many patriotic Indians have called to boycott all Chinese products. We can see this in the digital space as well. This is to hurt the Chinese businesses and their economy. It might seem a little extreme if you do not feel so strongly about this. This will not actually affect them unless all of us completely ban China products.

India also cannot just ban the trade between India and China.  It will affect us as much as it affects them. But what about the digital space? Yes, we should uninstall Chinese apps like camscanner app because China is more than just profiting from them.

Data theft

The biggest concern in today’s day and age is data theft. You might have heard about the famous conspiracy theory that different apps on our phone listen to us all the time. This is true in some way. Most apps make money from the personal data it can collect and sell to companies.

Most apps require giving them access to your camera, microphone, location and even contacts. Some apps do not disclose the information they are collecting from you. The same goes for Chinese apps. This data is soon going to be China’s biggest strength. They collect all possible information about us all and share it with the Chinese government.

The government has not passed any official order to ban these apps. However, according to reports, the Indian intelligence has advised to remove these apps and called them potential spyware used by China. They could launch an online attack with all the data they collect.

Popular Chinese apps

So it is better to be safe than sorry. The most popular Chinese apps include TikTok, PUBG, Helo, Camscanner, UC Browser and more. There are multiple alternative options to all of these apps. We have to replace entertainment like PUBG with other games like Fortnite or Freefire and TikTok with a similar American app Triller.

Frequently used app – Camscanner

On the other hand apps like Camscanner app is a necessity. What are the alternatives for this? Camscanner, as the name suggests, is an app used to scan documents. This app is developed by a Chinese company based in Shanghai, INTSIG. It has developed many apps, including Camscanner app, Camcard and Camdictionary. The company basically specializes in image processing and digital data apps.

The Camscanner app was removed from the play store and iOS app store for a while as malware was detected. The app on itself was quite safe. But a malicious Trojan-Dropper module was detected. This could show intrusive ads. It could also sign you up for paid subscriptions.

Smart Alternatives for Camscanner App

This potentially dangerous app has to be uninstalled.  What apps can replace this?

Here are some of the many options

Adobe Scan

Adobe is a free app which can be downloaded both on play store and iOS app store. It functions pretty similar to Camscanner App.  The key difference is Adobe Scan is developed by Adobe Inc, an American company. Adobe provides a thorough rundown of its security policies. This reassures us about our data safety. Adobe works in a much simpler way than Camscanner app and can export only PDFs. This means its extremely easy to use. It also stores all your scans on Adobe Document Cloud, and you can access it from any device.

Microsoft Office Lens

If you need to export the formatted text, Microsoft Office Lens is the way to go. The app is also available for free in both Android and Apple devices. Microsoft Office Lens has the best text recognition along with scanning. This app has limited output options, Word documents, PowerPoint slides and PDFs. This app is developed by Microsoft, an American multinational technology company. This is also simple and easy to use like Adobe Scan.  You don’t need Office 365 to use this great app. It’s an excellent replacement for Camscanner app if you ask me. These apps are better than Camscanner app for scanning documents.


ScanPro app (earlier named as Scanbot) has more features than all of the above apps combined. This app is also free on both Google play store and the iOS app store. Along with scanning,  you will find features like smart file naming, automatic uploading to any of the cloud storage services available, custom folders for organization, iCloud saving and more. ScanPro can perform OCR (optical character recognition) in more than 60 languages. It provides decent scanned documents compared to other apps. So you might want to use it for its features. This app also provides you with an option to upgrade to a paid subscription which works better than the free version. ScanPro is a powerful replacement for Camscanner app.

As mentioned above, you can find multiple alternatives to popular Chinese apps. All you need to do is search and find the best app suited for you. It is high time we worry about our data privacy on the internet. Let us take some of these small steps to protect ourselves and our country.