In today’s busy world, there are many adults who do not get the sleep that they need to relax their body. As per the reports of centers for disease control and prevention, around 35% of the adults in the US have said that they do not get enough sleep. Between work, family and responsibility and everyday chores, people do not find sufficient time to sleep and to take care of their health properly. Therefore, they have been different types of sleeping apps that will track your sleep patterns to help you to relax so that the person can fall asleep and can take care of their health all the time. By not getting the recommended hours of sleep is linked with the weight gain, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, heart disease, stroke and much greater risk of death.

Furthermore, sleeping for about 7 hours is associated with the impaired immune system and decrease the cognitive performance, and an increased risk of accidents. By promoting the regular sleep patterns and healthy sleep habits are called sleep hygiene which includes, early going bed and early rising up makes the man perfect. Research has also shown that repeatedly missing sleep or keeping an inconsistent sleep schedule can mess with your rest overall. And due to this reason, there are few best sleeping apps in 2019 built that will help users to make sure about what they are getting the best sleep and waking up every morning refreshed and excited for the day. An audible sleep app like the one which focuses on the meditation or is preloaded with the sounds of the waterfall to drown out your partner’s snores.

Here, we have pinned up against the best sleeping apps that will help users to get track of their sleep every time and get relaxed and refreshed at every morning as:

Sleep cycle



The sleep cycle is one of the most remarkable sleeping apps in 2019 that track and analyze your sleep patterns, your wake time, and this app will gently stir you from slumber during your lightest phase of sleep thus to ensure wake up feeling rested, refreshed and ready for the trunk. By using, this best sleeping app in USA, your phone’s built-in microphone picks up your move and you sleep using sound and vibration analysis. This app has the data to determine if you are in light sleep and deep dream, the state which is called a random eye movement. To monitor with this top sleeping app is easy, free and may give the users an extra spring in their step.


Sleep Time


This is another free sleeping app that uses an accurate state of art algorithm and sleeps and provides comprehensive insights into your patterns. This app monitors your movement over the night and thus generates the customized data of your sleep and which is easy to read graphs and charts. Similar to the sleep cycle, this best sleeping app in India has the smart alarm that leads you during the perfect moment of your lightest sleep and ultimate revitalization. As per the sleep time, when you wake up during your deep period of sleep, then your body takes over an hour to fully awaken, feeling exhausted and drained.




Headspace is one of the top sleeping apps in 2019 that have made a name for itself as the meditation app, but this app is also available for the sleep. This free version has “sleep cast” which is 45-55 minute long audio experiences, which will help you to visualize the claiming experiences, like the slow-moving train or the walking through the garden. There are majorly new stories every night, so you will never get bored by using this sleeping app. If you upgrade the version of this app, you will get access to more than 40 themed meditation courses as well. Hence, this will be quite useful and relaxing top sleeping app in USA that users can come across from others.

Relax Melodies



Relax melodies is another top sleeping app in India that is designed to help you along with the community of 35 million other users.  If you are having any kind of trouble in sleeping, then this best relax sleep app is the best one for you. To select some relaxing sounds, you can add the dash of nature, melody, hey presto and your sleep-inducing melody completely. This is the choice of many users that can be the top of the mix to lure you soundly to sleep. In addition to all this, creating your own mixes, melodies can be accessed to discover the new sound combination as well.




Sometimes, sleep does not come because your mind is just thinking over something serious or just bust to let in. All those floating all around and all those stresses would not make you relaxed and sleepy. Therefore, you need to get them out of your head and that is where these simply handy sleeping apps come in our mind. This is another free sleeping app in 2019 that will track your moods alongside notes about what is on your mind. This app is a great way to reflect at the end of the day because you can see how your moods relate to different activities. This best sleep app helps to show the journal’s entire across the big picture which will display every week between when you were born.


Hope this entire list of sleeping apps will help users to keep track of their sleep every day and will help users to make their health equally fit and relaxed.