Skullcandy is not an unknown name in the audio industry. The affordable headphone brand is known for its affordable and well-designed earphones and headhones aimed at the youth market.

In an attempt to jump into the true wireless Bluetooth earphones, Skullcandy has introduced Indy. A pair of AirPod lookalike earbuds is again out there to impress the younger consumers who probably cannot stretch to the AirPods price or who don’t like losing an expensive earphone pair.

Skullcandy Indy Features

Presented beautifully in a flip-top charging box, that carries three recharges, the Indy earbuds are water resistant with IPX4 certificate. This means you can use them while exercising without worrying about extra sweat or in drizzle. The case also has three LEDs at the front, each representing one charging session.

Each Indy earpiece sports a touch panel that can skip tracks, adjust volume, pause music, and recieve calls.

A single charge lasts up to four hours of usage, that is not a great but decent figure. One can carry them to vigorous gym sessions and long commutes with total 16 hours of listening available with carrying case.

The earbuds are delivered with varying sized silicone ear-tips for a secure fit. But unfortunately the precise fit of buds in the charging cradle makes it impossible to close the charging box with thicker ear-tips.

A strange thing noticed in the Indy design is the socket in the charging box, which is positioned on the bottom of the case. This prevents them from standing up while charging. A more sensible approach should have been a sturdier USB Type C socket at the back rather the one Micro USB on the bottom.

To pair the Skullcandy Indy, you just need to press and hold the control panel available on each earbud for three seconds, after which the Indy will start appearing on the Bluetooth devices of the smartphone you want to connect. Doing it just once with a smartphone will be more than enough for subsequent connections flawlessly. A microphone is built in the device for easy calling while connected.

Like any other Skullcandy earphones, there is a reasonable amount of bass and detail available in the Indy earphones. The drawback however is the lack of sensitivity in the buds and this can be because of the small 6mm driver unit of the device which limits bass as well as volume. These fall into the quiet earphones category that requires volume turned to maximum for a decent sound. While this may not go well with Skullcandy’s target audience, it can go well with parents who care about their kids long hours of music listening.


We don’t think these can replace AirPods since the later ones offer superior sound quality whereas Skullcandy has nothing extra to offer than just a true wireless design. At this price point, there are many other earphones offering premium quality earbuds.

Price: $79.99 or £69.99 or €79.99